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9 Green Decoration ideas for your home with modern touch

Green Decoration ideas is synonymous with nature. It is an ideal tone to add a relaxing touch to the decoration of the house during the spring and in any other period. How to enter it through the details? At DreamyApartment we share a selection of examples with references to inspire you.

1. Carpet in green

Natural or artificial grass often blends in perfectly with the exterior landscape of the home. Well, a rug that has a finish similar to green dresses the floor of a room and increases the comfort of the room. It is an ideal proposal to frame an environment in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Natural or artificial grass often blends in perfectly with the exterior landscape of the home

2. Green color tiles

Some interiors maintain a perfect connection with natural landscapes through their large windows. In other cases, the tone described is present in the furniture, accessories, or coverings. It is a proposal that combines an extensive selection of colors. And, consequently, it presents different alternatives to decorating in a creative way.

3. Antique furniture with an aged look

Colored furniture is fashionable in today’s decoration. A green decoration ideas becomes the protagonist of a room. Add a focal point that highlights the beauty of a natural tone. How to enrich the space with a piece of furniture that has an excellent storage capacity and improves the ornamentation? A dresser in green with an aged look is a piece to consider.

4. Green curtains

Green can accentuate different parts of the house. The rug, as we have indicated, covers the floor with a touch of warmth. The coatings, for their part, embellish the walls. Well, the curtains enhance the role of the windows. They adorn a room and also create a feeling of intimacy.

Colored furniture is fashionable in today's decoration

A monochrome design is timeless. But green can also be part of a textile with a tropical or multicolored print. The final choice depends, especially, on what is the main style of the room.

5. Pots and vases

Plants, flowers, and branches bring nature into the home. For this reason, it is also possible to choose green vases and pots that add a very natural touch to a room. The mini format designs are ideal for decorating side tables and low furniture. They are perfectly integrated into the base and form a good set with furniture with straight or curved lines.

6. Green sofa

There are essential pieces of furniture that enhance comfort in the home. A sofa dresses the living room, the bedroom or the office. And a piece of furniture with a light-colored finish has less visual weight than one with a darker tone. Therefore, it enhances the amplitude in medium or small rooms.

7. Green headboard

Some elements are not essential in the decoration of the house. And yet, they acquire great visibility when they are present in the composition of a place. The headboard is an elegant piece that frames the rest setting. A green headboard matches bedrooms of different styles and sits as a focal point in the room.

Green is synonymous with nature. It is an ideal tone to add a relaxing touch to the decoration of the house during the spring and in any other period

8. Cushions

Cushions are also not essential when planning the living room or bedroom. And yet, they redecorate the space with a simple change. In addition, it is possible to create cushion compositions with different colors and shapes. Well, green is a tone that stands out against a light or dark background.

9. Floral decoration reflected in a mirror

A mirror is a piece that presents many decorative possibilities. For example, it is ideal for framing the most special details of a space.

Remodeling Renovations

How to redecorate the bedroom with an upholstered headboard

The bedroom is completely renovated through visible changes carried out inside the room. The headboard is one of the most relevant pieces. Therefore, it modifies the composition of the environment, provides a focal point that also frames the rest area. How to redecorate the bedroom with an upholstered headboard?

1. Choose an immersive design

They are those models that, like any other type of headboard, delimit the rest area. And they differentiate that environment from other corners present in the room. However, they have measurements that exceed the width of the bed. And, consequently, they wrap and clothe the main piece of furniture. The wing models also protect the sides of the bed. And they are ideal for framing the pillow and cushions.

The bedroom is a space that changes with the renewal of textiles in spring, summer, autumn and winter

2. Tufted headboard for a romantic look

Mixing styles in bedroom decoration is a trend. And a headboard can print a different aesthetic to the look of the room. For example, a model with quilted upholstery adds a romantic touch to the bedroom. This upholstery technique is universally known, since it is not only present in headboards, but also in sofas and armchairs. It is perfectly integrated by buttons that draw a nice relief on the product. And, in addition, they are placed in a geometric way .

The headboard is one of the products that dresses the bedroom wall

Do you want to redecorate the bedroom next spring? A tufted headboard adds a dose of romance.

3. Create a color contrast

It is a tone that complements environments with different looks. It is common in industrial design

What tones are the ones that predominate in the bedroom? What ingredients have a greater decorative relevance in the context? An upholstered headboard not only stands out for its finish. It is important that you take into account the material in which it is made. But, in addition, choose a color that matches the outfit. Observe the environment carefully to create the ideal contrast. Do you want the headboard to be a focal point? In that case, choose a tone that focuses attention.

4. In gray

A design to the ceiling can also be very enveloping

How to choose a headboard that matches any type of decorative style? Gray is one of the most flattering shades. And, in addition, it is a trend in home decoration. It is a tone that complements environments with different looks. It is common in industrial design. But it also combines with the Nordic , the contemporary, the classic or the rustic.

The bedroom is a space that changes with the renewal of textiles in spring, summer, autumn and winter. For this reason, a gray upholstered headboard is very versatile because it combines with various fabrics.

5. A design to the ceiling

How to choose a headboard that matches any type of decorative style

A headboard is always a focal point. But it acquires an even greater level of relevance when it extends from the floor to the ceiling. In this way, it enhances the decoration of the main wall . And it perfectly frames the piece of furniture intended for rest. It has a format that stands out for its great height.

And you can find it in very different materials, for example, in wood. A design to the ceiling can also be very enveloping. This is the case when the product has the necessary width to frame, even, the tables that are located on both sides of the bed.

6. Framed on a wall with moldings

But the wall can also have beautiful ornamentation in the form of moldings that have a geometric appearance

The headboard is one of the products that dresses the bedroom wall. But the wall can also have beautiful ornamentation in the form of moldings that have a geometric appearance. In that case, it is necessary to choose a headboard that, as if it were a piece of a puzzle, fits perfectly to the characteristics of the environment. In this way, the moldings and the headboard form an elegant , harmonic and aesthetic binomial. In addition, a contrast of textures is created that enhances the beauty of the decoration.

How to redecorate the master bedroom in spring or any other time of the year? An upholstered headboard transforms the environment.

Carpet and rug Office Decorating

6 tips for choosing a perfect rug to decorate your office

The office is a space for work, project completion and creativity. Decoration goes beyond aesthetics, since it also has an influence on productivity and motivation. When the environment adapts to the professional needs of the worker, they experience greater comfort and well-being. And the carpet is a product that can make a difference in the characteristics of the office. How to choose the ideal complement?

1. Choose the place to be framed

In an office there can be differentiated spaces that maintain their harmony in the plan. The carpet visually delimits a specific area. For example, the one that is made up of the desk and the chair. In that case, the measurements of the product are in relation to the properties of the environment itself. It is recommended that all the elements are framed within the carpet , including the legs of the chair.

The rug can also frame a rest area or a reading corner.

The rug must be perfectly attached to the floor

2. An easy-to-clean finish

Cleaning tasks are essential to carry out optimal maintenance of the environment. For this, products that offer solutions adapted to the needs of each type of surface are used. A follow-up that prolongs the life of a carpet that is in good condition. Select a product with a finish that stands out for its simple cleaning process.

3. Type of soil

As we have indicated, the carpet delimits an area of ​​the office. And, in turn, the format is also framed in a room with a specific type of floor. The chosen model can help you enhance the visual continuity between the base of the accessory and the surface of the floor. But you can also look for contrast and difference.

The shades visible in the interior can fuel creativity, relaxation and concentration

4. Choice of color or pattern

The carpet in the office increases thermal and acoustic comfort. Benefits that you can assess for the positive points they provide in the long term. This accessory is so visual that it can completely modify the look of the office. Do you want to redecorate and personalize the image of your office? Choose a model in a color that you like. Analyze the selected shade from different points of view. In the first place, because of its connection with the environment. How does it match the elements present there?

On the other hand, check if it manages to enhance the luminosity or produces the opposite effect. Finally, keep in mind that color therapy is an ingredient to value in the workplace. Visible shades in the interior can fuel creativity, relaxation and concentration.

In addition to the one-color models, those with a geometric print or inspired by nature motifs are also in fashion.

You can align the choice of rug with the characteristics of the room itself

5. Shape

You can align the choice of carpet with the characteristics of the room itself. A square design, for example, maintains its harmony with an office that has the same structure. But there are other style proposals that can inspire you. The round rug stands out in current trends. What is the level of prominence that you want to give the product in the final composition? A design with a circular finish is particularly striking. It is advisable not to place many elements on it.

6. Maximum security

The mat must be perfectly fixed to the floor. Care must be taken with the area of ​​the door to check that it is not an obstacle when it is opened. In this way, it is possible to prevent trips and falls when entering the room.

Therefore, the choice of a rug to decorate the office is a practical measure. A complement that adds comfort, texture and style to the office look.

Design Trends and Styles Home Design Idea

Reforms: today’s trends practiced by architects and interior designers

The world of domestic reforms is currently experiencing one of great heydays. Faced with the context of need that has traditionally motivated embarking on such a large project on occasions, currently not only the damage and atrophy of the domestic elements give rise to reforms, but also the taste for a change in the home outfit. And it is that the world of aesthetics in the real estate sector has undergone great changes in terms of its designs, possibilities and concepts, which has served as an incentive for trends to also undergo an inexorable turn. These are the main models that currently house homes.


The current housing paradigm has been altered in no small way with respect to that of the previous generation. The average size of the houses has decreased, so their characteristics and elements have been forced to adjust to the spaces. In this way, as a remedy for the shortage of meters in the rooms, the union of areas previously separated by partitions has positioned itself as one of the most widespread and practiced trends by architects and interior designers, thus creating the feeling of spaciousness that environments provide. diaphanous . However, within this change, the tenant may require a small space away from all that clarity, for which custom folding doors they are postulated as a solution. Thus, the enclosure will not be total and can be opened to the rest of the room when desired.

The current housing paradigm has been altered in no small way with respect to that of the previous generation

Fresh air

The unpleasant situation of domestic confinement to which the pandemic has subjected the world has made the search for an outdoor space increasingly in demand. Especially in those houses whose surplus land was destined for an extension, the creation of these rest and recreation areas has increased. But even in buildings less conducive to this adaptation, such as flats or studios, architecture has sought new ways to provide this place in the open air, turning even the tiniest balconies into truly functional terraces.


In line with the search for spaciousness, open kitchens have gained followers in recent times, communicating with the rest of the house. However, it cannot be said that it is to everyone’s general taste. As for its main characteristics, that they are practical and functional is the main demand of users, who increasingly integrate smart appliances in this room that save the space of other auxiliary elements. With regard to decoration, white and wood are preferred, finding a clean prototype of a kitchen with white walls, light floors, white lacquered doors or marble plates in soft tones.

Along with the search for space and spaciousness, the creation of a natural environment has also been a trend this year and it seems that it will last for a season

Vegetable presence

Along with the search for space and spaciousness, the creation of a natural environment has also been a trend this year and it seems that it will last for a season. While it is true that the integration of vegetables with a decorative function is a practice that comes from far, it is also true that not all homes lent themselves to the inclusion of these with equal ease. At present, it does not matter if the house has a lot or little outside space, since the interior designers have relocated the vegetation, concentrating it in a single place in the property , creating a green space that can also be considered a small interior garden. Areas near windows, balconies or the kitchen are the spaces most intended for this specific purpose. In accordance with this trend, more and more shops offer miniature vegetables that adapt with balance to each specific space.

Cleaning Eco-friendly Apartments Kitchen

7 ultra useful tricks to eliminate bad smells of the kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the places in the house where bad odors condense. Be it in the fridge, the sink, the garbage, the oven or the environment itself, there is always some unpleasant smell to combat. With these 7 tricks to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen, entering it will be a pleasure, even if you have just finished frying!

Heat a little vinegar until very hot, and add a mixture of coarse salt and baking soda, and immediately pour it into the sink.

The secret in most cases is the lemon , this nutritious and complete fruit. We have already taught you 9 uses for lemon peel, today we will see how to use it, along with other products, to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen.

Do you want to know our perfumed secrets?

1st trick: Microwave oven

This trick works with any citrus fruit. We take a glass container that can go in the microwave, and put a large lemon, or an orange or half a grapefruit, chopped inside. Then we fill the container with hot water halfway. We put the container in the microwave, and cook for 5 minutes. If at the end of the 5 minutes the smell is not gone, we continue for 1 or 2 more minutes. In addition, the steam will help us clean difficult splashes from the walls or the oven door.

2nd trick: Traditional oven

We can combat the bad smell of the oven by cleaning it with water and vinegar, then we squeeze half a lemon in a glass of boiling water and put it inside the oven. We can also boil the peel of a lemon, put the still hot water in a glass and leave it for a few hours in the oven.

Trick 3: Refrigerator

To eliminate bad smells from the fridge, we have several tips:

If you want to reduce the smell of fried, before starting to fry add lemon peel to the pan with the oil

To keep the refrigerator clean and odor-free, it is advisable to clean it with water and vinegar.

Put a bowl of cut citrus fruits (lemons or oranges) on the back of the fridge, against the back wall. We can use the lemons or oranges already squeezed, or put new ones. In a couple of days the smells will disappear, and in their place there will be a fresh perfume.

Leave a glass of baking soda at the corner of the fridge, as it absorbs odors.

Don’t throw away the empty coffee container; if you put it in a corner of the fridge, it will absorb odors. You can also use the leftover coffee already made.

4th trick: Garbage

The easiest way to avoid the bad smell coming from the garbage is… take out the garbage! Of course, we can also take some precautions to prevent the bad smell from forming, such as sprinkling the bottom of the bag with baking soda, or putting a few pieces of lemon. If what smells is the cube, we can wash it with a solution of 4 parts of water and one of lemon juice.

5th trick: Dishwasher

To avoid bad smells in the dishwasher, put the dishes inside without food residues. Once the wash cycle is finished, leave the door open for a while and go over the inside with a sponge soaked in water and vinegar. Put half a fresh lemon inside the dishwasher, and every so often, run an empty wash cycle with vinegar and baking soda.

6th trick: Smell of fried

If you want to reduce the smell of fried, before starting to fry add lemon peel to the pan with the oil. You can also cut an apple and dip a slice in the oil; when it turns black, you change the slice. Once you have finished frying, wash the pots and the kitchen immediately. If the smell is particularly persistent, bring a saucepan of water with vinegar and some orange peels to a boil.

7th trick: Sink

If even when the sink is empty and clean you still smell a bad smell, there is most likely a clog. There are many remedies, either with industrial products or with home remedies, surely more ecological:

Heat a little vinegar until very hot, and add a mixture of coarse salt and baking soda, and immediately pour it into the sink. This mixture immediately turns white and forms bubbles, it is the effect of the reaction between the products that we have added and the soap or substances that are clogging the sink. Leave it to act for about 20 minutes and then run the tap water.

Mix half a cup of cold water with half a cup of bleach. Pour the mixture into the sink and let it rest covered with the stopper. Leave it to act for about 20 minutes and then run the tap water.

To eliminate bad smells from your home is using liquefied orange or lemon peels and boiled with water. Pour the hot liquid into the sink, the perfume will last all day.
What do you think of these tricks to keep the kitchen free of bad odors? Surely you also have a secret, will you tell us?

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3 Tips For Getting Your Real Estate Clients To Reel In Their Expectations

When working with clients, it will always be a fine line to balance their expectations with what you can reasonably give them.

One industry where this can sometimes be a huge issue is in real estate. Oftentimes, people who are looking for a home might not have the right expectations for their budget, timeline, or availability. So when this happens, it’s important that you know what to do to help them get back to reality.

To help you do this, here are three tips for getting your real estate client to reel in their expectations.

here are three tips for getting your real estate client to reel in their expectations

Have Them Come To The Table WIth Finances Already Figured Out

According to Cailtin Schneider, a contributor to, a good way to help your clients come to the table with the right expectations for what they’ll get out of a home when working with you is to already have their finances figured out.

Not only will this make it easier for you both to look at homes that they can actually afford, but a lot of the expectation adjusting will already have been done for them but their lender. This allows you to not be seen as the “bad guy” who’s unwilling to show them a home they would love but wouldn’t be able to afford. Additionally, many sellers won’t take an offer seriously unless the buyer is already pre-approved for their loan, so this will make the whole process easier on everyone, too.

Educate Them About The Housing Market In Your Area

Once your client knows how much they can afford to spend on a home, it’s now up to you to help them find the best possible home within their budget.

To help you with this, Eman Hamed, a contributor to, is to spend time educating your clients about the housing market in your area. For most real estate agents, education is always a big part of the job as they create marketing materials for clients in their area and seek to build their network. But when you’re educating people you’re actively working with, you’ll need to primarily focus on the quality of homes that will fall within the budget they’re working with.

Discuss The Reality Of Their Situation

Even after your clients have a set budget and you’ve talked extensively about what homes fall into their budget, you may still find that your clients are wanting you to work some kind of magic to get them more than they can really afford. In a situation like this, Peter Kozodoy, a contributor to Small Business Trends, recommends that you always stay transparent with your clients about the reality of their situation and what wiggle-room they can reasonably expect.

If you have a hard time helping your real estate clients keep their expectations in check, consider using the tips mentioned above to assist you with this.


Blinds And Curtains For Offices: Buying Guide

Today there are office blinds with multiple options to control the light and office curtains that allow you to control the temperature of the spaces. You have to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Office blinds are important to create pleasant work environments, where the temperature and the level of natural light are essential for greater productivity. I advise you to complement your workspaces with latest office blinds that occupy a minimum space and are very easy to preserve, you can even opt for the motorized drive option.

When choosing the new curtains or blinds for your office you have to evaluate four very important factors:

When Buying Curtains Or Blinds, What Should You Keep In Mind?

When choosing the new curtains or blinds for your office you have to evaluate four very important factors:

Privacy: Privacy is determined by the scope of personal, intimate and confidential life of a place or time.

Visibility: This is the perceptible quality that allows you to observe the accessories at a certain distance. The less visibility there is, the less the accessories will be seen in the distance; while the greater the visibility, the more distant accessories will be seen.

Translucency: It occurs when a blind or curtains lets in light so that shapes become unrecognizable (objects are not seen clearly). When light is not allowed to enter partially, we speak of opacity.

Light control:  There is when the body overlaps against the light creating controlled conditions that will provide shadows in greater or lesser proportion as desired.

What is the difference between curtains and blinds?

Curtains: They are elements that are created by mostly fabrics, these can be some types of roller, blackouts, translucent and oriental panels.

Blinds: They are elements that are created by thin and narrow sheets horizontally one on top of the other. This location allows the slats to be tilted to control the entry of light and, at the same time, generate privacy when having them closed.

How to choose curtains or blinds?

Blinds or curtains for a window can make or break the interior design of any space, be it a living room, kitchen, living room, office or bedroom. Blinds and shades can make things look fancy and feel comfortable. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right blinds or curtains for your windows.

A change in blinds or window shades makes a difference in the overall atmosphere of the office. People on a tight budget can fix their windows and can get an instant interior makeover for a fairly low cost.

Blinds and curtains are aesthetic and functional, because they help to maintain the privacy of a room and at the same time improve its interior. They also keep dust and prying eyes out of your space.

The type of curtain you choose has to combine very well with the interior design of your office or other space in your home. A classic office should have silk curtains, as they are perfect for adding elegance to the environment.

But, those people who prefer a country style have to opt for curtains with flowers or other types of designs that can resemble life in the country.

The choice of curtains also has to be influenced by the type of space where the curtains or blinds will be installed. For example, the window of a room in a room can be decorated with different curtains while the window of a space that is to be used by men can be decorated with a curtain that can harmonize with the color palette of the room that is being occupied. .

There are many curtain designs to choose from depending on your preference. There are unlined, hourglass and uncooked curtains. You can even choose a variety of colors and designs for the curtains as well.

However, there are many offices that surely already have windows, but many times they are old or battered, so it is better to change them with curtains that you really like and that favor a day of work.

It is also very important that you keep the windows clean and free of dust before you proceed to install the curtains or blinds. If you notice that the curtains have dust and other allergy agents, it is recommended that you replace them with others or simply wash them well regularly.

For people with allergies, it is recommended to decorate the windows with the use of vinyl blinds. These types of blinds are not as susceptible to dust as long as you clean them every day with the help of a cloth.

Like curtains, there are many types of vinyl blinds to choose from. There are vertical blinds and there are also horizontal blinds. The best way to get the exact size blind, it is very important that before going to the store to make the purchase you measure your windows well.


How to decorate the headboards of the bedroom to achieve a WOW effect

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the home, we use it to rest, relax and escape from routine, and it is where our day begins and ends. That is why bedroom decoration is so important, helping us to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere that favors our rest. So, today we are going to give you several ideas to decorate the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper and achieve a WOW effect.

Because the headboard of the bed is key in the decoration of the bedroom , providing originality, style, personality, and giving a greater prominence to the bed. In fact, we would say that it is essential.

If you are determined to decorate the headboard with wallpaper, we leave you two posts that will be very useful.

And the truth is that decorating the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper is a success, offering multiple options for all tastes and decorative styles, and achieving excellent results. The wallpaper bedroom headboard is one of the top decorative trends .

Decorating the headboard wall with wallpaper allows us to renovate the bedroom in an easy, original and economical way, achieving surprising results that will excite you. In addition, you can do it yourself, so the satisfaction will be even greater.

Ideas to decorate the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper

The good news is that when decorating the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper we have a wide variety of options to choose from, and depending on the type of bedroom we will choose one wallpaper model or another, taking into account aspects such as the decorative style that we want to achieve , the size of the wall, the brightness of the room …

If you want to decorate the headboard with wallpaper, there are several online store who have a wide catalog of wallpapers with different finishes, colors and textures , so you have no doubt that you will find a perfect design for your bedroom.

Regarding its placement, you can choose to wallpaper the headboard wall in its entirety, wallpaper only the width of the bed, create a wooden plinth to achieve a differentiated effect, frame it with moldings if you are looking for a more classic and elegant style.

And a tip to achieve the best results is that the rest of the decoration matches the colors of the headboard , in order to enjoy the most successful harmony.

With multiple possibilities to choose from, below we show you some of the most outstanding designs to decorate headboards with wallpaper from our catalog that we believe will fit what you are looking for. Are you going to miss them?

Cozy Nest

One of our favorite models to decorate the headboard wall with wallpaper is “Cozy Nest”, a design with a leafy pattern in which trees with golden leaves appear on a grayish-purple background , which will add a natural touch and elegance to your bedroom.

The first will help you calculate how many rolls of paper you will need, and the second includes a video that explains how to properly wallpaper walls

Swim & Chill

Another highly demanded and successful option is the “ Swim & Chill ” wallpaper , a black fish print with golden touches on a dark blue background , ideal to complete distinguished and innovative bedrooms, with an original and sophisticated design that will make a difference.

Lath Gold

The “Lath Gold” wallpaper will bring sophistication and originality to the headboard of your bedroom . An ethnic design with arabesque motifs with a very successful combination of gold and ocher, which will allow you to create an atmosphere full of positivism and personality.

We find it in the 1001 Nights catalog wallpapers, where all the designs have a clear Arabic influence and are inspired by the visual and artistic culture of the Middle East.

Eye of the tiger

To decorate the headboards of the bedroom with the wallpaper of the smallest of the house we highlight “ Eye of the Tiger ” , a decorative paper with an original and fun pattern that has the tigers as the main characters. It will fit perfectly in children’s bedrooms.

It is available with a stone gray, orange or white background , being able to choose the one that best combines with the rest of the decoration. An ideal paper for the little ones, ecological, 100% PVC-free and non-woven.

Conservatory Limonaia

With many possibilities to choose from, let yourself be conquered by the selection of wallpaper for the headboard of the bedroom

If you are looking for an elegant, simple and high quality wallpaper , in the ” Conservatory Limonaia ” wallpaper you will find your best ally, with a sophisticated and original wave pattern that will perfectly match what you are looking for and will give a leap in quality to the decoration of your bedroom.

From York Wallcoverings , it is a high quality pre-glued washable wallpaper from the Conservatory collection . And best of all, it is available in five different colors to choose from: blue, beige, gray, red and green.

Roseus Mural

Add a fresh, tropical touch to your bedroom with the “ Roseus mural ” . A wallpaper model with a very colorful flamingo tropical landscape print that conveys positivity and freedom, and will fill your room with color.

Ideal for lovers of nature and dream landscapes, it is available in non-woven fabric or vinyl with a TNT base , and in both cases the highest quality is guaranteed.

Chalkboard Magnetic and Paintable Wallpaper

If you are thinking of renovating your little ones’ bedroom, this paintable and magnetic chalkboard wallpaper from ESTAhome will win you over, and them even more .

It is a decorative paper with a blackboard coating on which girls and boys can draw with chalk and paste their drawings , as if it were the blackboard they have at school. Fully washable, you can clean it with a damp cloth and it will be like new.

Spark night

choose your design and enjoy the bedroom you have always dreamed of.

We return to the 1001 Nights collection to highlight the “ Spark Night ” decorative paper , with which you will create an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere that will promote relaxation and rest without sacrificing style.

It is a black wallpaper with a silver star print that stands out for its elegance, and that will give a leap in quality to the rest of the room.


And if you do not find the model you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us .

And we finish with one of the options that we like the most to decorate headboards with wallpaper. It is “Stardust”, a wallpaper with a very special Art Deco pattern of golden arches , perfect for classic and elegant decorations.

If you want to give a different, innovative and successful touch to your bedroom, decorating the bedroom headboards with wallpaper is an alternative to take into account . You will bring originality to the decoration and you will create an environment that perfectly matches your personality, being able to choose the pattern that best suits your tastes and the rest of the decoration.


The trick to cleaning leather without damaging it

Leather is more delicate than it appears and could crack. The most important thing is to avoid heat, especially when we are going to dry it, since it will be irretrievably damaged. Also, apply products such as baking soda or vinegar with a toothbrush.

Without realizing it, cleaning leather is always been part of our life. We find it in upholstery, bags, wallets, belts or even some furniture. This element is said to last a lifetime, but you really have to take care of it if we want to ensure that it is.

Like everything in the world, leather can get dirty in many ways

Like everything in the world, leather can get dirty in many ways. The problem is that objects created with this raw material are not cleaned in the same way as others. If not cleaned properly, it could become damaged, hard or crack, completely spoiling its aesthetics. Therefore, we are going to learn how to clean leather without damaging it.

Tips for cleaning leather products without damaging it and without spending money

To clean leather you have to learn to identify the type of stain. If it simply has dust, we can clean it with a cloth and water, although we must do it very gently to avoid damaging it. If it is the upholstery of a vehicle, you should use the vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, grease stains are common, especially if we’ve been eating. To clean it without damaging it, we can use elements such as bicarbonate and vinegar, using a toothbrush to rub it without breaking it. Likewise, the dishwashing liquid also works very well, but always pouring a small amount and without rubbing hard. In the event that the stain is very large, you could try it with caustic soda, but you have to be careful with its corrosion.

Luckily, there are stains that are easier to remove. Those for makeup are usually removed with water, soap and bicarbonate , rubbing with a cloth and a toothbrush. Of course, at the end you have to remove all the soap, since it could damage it if it is left to act too long. Keep in mind that leather is not fabric and should not be treated as such.

As it is not a fabric, the most important thing about leather is not to let it dry in the sun or near heating elements. As it is skin, it could crack more easily. Instead, you have to dry with cold air, being able to use a fan in the case of an object and the car’s own air conditioning if it is its upholstery.

Of course, as leather is skin, you can repair some wrinkles . You can use anti-wrinkle cream and apply it gently, something that will help you hydrate it and prevent dryness. Of course, you must leave the cream to act for a few hours and then gently remove the remains.