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3D modular tile to decorate your walls

The decoration of the walls of your home is something that leads to many headaches, today we have many more options to decorate. At other times we have spoken of wallpaper or vinyl to place them and give your walls a touch of fun.

3D modular tile to decorate your walls

Today I want to show another way to spice up your wall and be the center of attention with these modular tiles in 3D.

This type of tile makes a very nice 3D effect and is suitable for any environment or stay home, I mean, not exclusive to place them in a house if not in a restaurant, bar, bodega … the can place.

This type of tile add color and texture to one wall or an entire room and can create your own pattern of variation with only you turn the tile, or paint your favorite color.


3D modular tile to decorate your walls


These modules come in a package lighter than twelve sheets of 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm can temporarily install the double-sided tape or permanently with wallpaper paste.

You have several designs to choose from among or between mixed together, my advice would be to place a piece of wall, not too big, not to be tiresome to the eye and over time. Since an entire wall can get tired too and if you decide to place an entire wall, which is a large space so they do not like space.

So you can make a little composition in the form of mural decoration, you look great in that part as mural and it does not have it worry about having to look for pictures to decorate the piece of wall.

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