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Adopt the water “Sweet Green”!

When you receive, you get out your best dishes, as well as your tablecloth . Of course. But accidents can happen so quickly! A splash of wine or sauce on your nice white tablecloth, and you can say goodbye. Or subject it to several rounds of washing, which will damage it. So that you have lost a tablecloth. But now, no need to worry. Technology will help you. The latest invention of the house Garnier-Thiebaut is the water stain. This will be ruthlessly soiled against all who want to stain your tablecloth .

tablecloth Sweet Green

The tablecloth Sweet Green is inspired by nature, especially the leaves of the lotus. Adhering dirt never leaves. The high-tech process is based on nanotechnology: substances placed on the cotton fiber bind to the nanoparticles, slip and withdraw without any effort. In addition, the textile is enhanced. A discovery made through experiments that took place in the factory of the Corbeline in the Vosges. Relentlessly, the technicians tried methods to get rid of stains on tablecloths. And nanotechnology market. In addition, smaller components are invisible to the naked eye, which does not detract from the aesthetics of the water.

The water “Sweet Green” winning on all fronts!

The idea of ​​the process of nanotechnology is fully compatible with the preservation of the environment. Like its name, “Green” which alludes to the green, then to nature. Indeed, it is enough to wet a towel and drag the task. The result is impeccable! Thus, no need to make constant washing. So, no use of the washing machine , and thus saving electricity. It is the nature, combined with the technology, which produces a product environmentally friendly. The sheet is waterproof, so you can be sure that all the stubborn will disappear. The touch, you do not feel the barrier, but rather textiles. As a result, you feel it’s a web like the others.

A longer life, a textile-resistant, what more? However, when you put it in the wash, it is advisable not to use fabric softeners and laundry wipes. The water temperature should be between 20 ° C and 40 ° C. The hot iron is recommended to activate and maintain the quality of stain treatment. Models “Sweet Green” are available in seven colors: pure white, to bright red, or bright colors like turquoise and light green. The treatment is already applied to table runners and napkins.

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