Tricks to choose safe appliances for our kitchen

We have already spoken on other occasions that undoubtedly the best place or refuge for human beings is their home. It is there where he feels more protected and clothed, and not only by being with his family, but also. But because it is the place where you feel most comfortable, that you know best and where you have the “certainty” that nothing bad can happen to you.

However, as you know, our home is one of the places where most accidents occur , and although many of them could be avoided by taking a series of simple precautions, others occur without anything we can do.

When it comes to our home, we all want the best, and the best is to choose safe appliances for our kitchen

Well, just as we can pick up the cables from the floor to avoid tripping, we cover the sockets that we do not use so that the little ones do not put their fingers, or we put locks on the windows so that they cannot open them with the risk that this entails. In addition, as I say of all these measures and many others of course, that we can take to make our home a safer place, we can also do the same in our kitchen.

Trusted Household Appliances

It is also known to everyone that one of the most risky places in our house is the kitchen. In it are the majority of household appliances, as well as sharp objects, blades, cleaning products, etc. It is also one of the rooms where we spend the most time, especially cooking. All this makes it an especially sensitive place to suffer any mishap. And we no longer talk when there are also small children.

We all know the basic precautions, although it never hurts to be reminded, such as: not leaving electrical appliances on when not in use, moving away from small knives, scissors and any sharp objects, inserting the handles of pots and pans inwards so that they do not protrude from the counter when we are cooking … etc.

But if, in addition to these precautions that we all know, we choose trustworthy appliances for our kitchen , those that we know are undoubtedly safe appliances and that have the necessary safety measures to prevent accidents, such as child safety and that kind of thing, We will be creating a much safer place for everyone at home.

Makes and models to trust

There are many types of accidents. It seems that whenever we talk about accidents at home, it is because someone is damaged, and although this is often the case, and of course these are the most serious and the ones we should avoid the most, there are also mishaps that occur in our kitchen, which also They have to do with household appliances, and they can cause a great disorder. For example, if you have children at home, do not tell me that it has never happened to you that they stop the cycle of the washing machine at the least opportune moment, just out of curiosity to see what happens, and that when you open the door, liters will come out at full speed and liters of water that flood the kitchen floor.

This is very common in houses with little ones and if you are close by, you can stop the disaster before it gets older, but if you don’t realize it, the damage it can cause is important.
Well, these types of “accidents” and others like them, can also be avoided with safe appliances.

One of the safe appliances that can cause the most accidents in a kitchen is, without a doubt, the ceramic hob. When we use it, the entire surface is heated, and also, once we have turned it off, it takes a long time to cool down. This can undoubtedly cause accidents, not only among the smallest, also in adults.

You can also avoid the mishaps that I mentioned before with the washing machine if you have a safe model, which has a child lock and allows you to lock it so that they cannot modify settings or open the door at the least time.

In short, making your kitchen a safer place is in your hands, and a good start is to choose reliable appliances, like the ones I have mentioned. And to make sure that your purchase is a wise choice.


How to Choose & Install the most suitable appliances of your kitchen

The appliances have to live with us for many years, or at least we hope, we must be very scrupulous when choosing which suits us. We know that it is not an easy task and that, surely, we have been wrong to choose one that does not fit our expectations.

What should we consider when choosing the most suitable appliance ? Take note because choosing is not an easy task:

Choose the most suitable appliances for your kitchen

First of all, we have to know the hole we have to place it. Many appliances have standard measurements, but the kitchen may not have them. Measure the space well to fit your appliances perfectly.

The quality is very important. If we want them to last a few years and we are going to use them continuously, we are going to have to invest a little more money. You already know that the quality of pay and if you choose manufacturers that use more durable materials , you are going to have to loosen your pocket.

Before choosing, we must stop to think about the use that we are going to give it and the capacities that we need. If you are two people at home with a small kitchen, it doesn’t make much sense to buy an 8 kg load washing machine or an American fridge that takes up half your kitchen.

The warranty on the appliance must be decisive. Even if it involves more expenses, it is always important to have a good technical service for the duration of the guarantee. In our country, the warranty must be two years by law, although some manufacturers offer warranty extensions for little more money. If the company is not effective, you may suffer long absences from the appliance during the repair time.

Choose between gas or electricity . There are some appliances that work with gas and their consumption is cheaper, although there is also the disadvantage of being able to run out of charge and having to be on the lookout. Electricity is somewhat more expensive, but supply is continuous.

Review each of these points and decide on the most suitable appliance for your kitchen. Stopping to think about the needs that we must cover can save us more than one displeasure in the future.

Installation of appliances and their importance

Installation of appliances and their importance

When purchasing an electrical appliance (especially the largest ones) it is especially important to attend to its correct installation. There are short-term problems with appliances that could have been avoided with optimal installation. Of course, a good installation does not exempt consumers from good maintenance of household appliances. Nothing is further from reality.

However, there are different aspects that must be taken into consideration when buying an appliance and its subsequent placement in the home.

Water and electricity connections

It may seem trivial but when installing an appliance, you must ensure that the connection to the electrical network is carried out correctly and in accordance with the necessary safety measures. In addition, in the case of water, it is important to join to avoid leaks that damage the device itself and the materials around it.

Anchor removal

Almost all appliances include anchors for storage and transportation that have to be removed for installation. Failure to do so may result in malfunctions and situations that cause the devices to malfunction.

Clamping and leveling

Despite the fact that the surfaces of a home are not perfect (unevenness, differences in materials, etc.), efforts should be made to solve imperfections, especially when we refer to the fastening and leveling of appliances. A poorly leveled refrigerator can cause a malfunction and accidents during use, such as falling products inside when opening the door.


Like the previous requirements, letting the appliances have a space for ventilation is essential. These are electrical devices that can reach high temperatures that must be counteracted. If good ventilation is avoided, they can lead to breakdowns and various damages.


Self-caring of household appliances: Cleaning of the ovens

Clean, ungrateful task. Even more so in the case of ovens. After preparing and giving good account of a delicious feast, it’s time to leave the oven in the same optimal state in which you found it. Depending on the type of furnace you have, it will take more or less effort. In any case, never forget to clean it, for health and safety.

Everything that starts with auto, is a good thing. It comes to mean that some type of automatism is going to take care of doing something for you. Welcome all the cars of the world, even more in the case of unappetizing tasks such as those associated with cleaning.

In the case of ovens we also find the precise automatism so that these own appliances are given a good look inside while we are engaged in other tasks more rewarding or more important and / or urgent.

Self-cleaning of household appliances

The self-cleaning of ovens, as I have already commented on more than one occasion, can be found in two very different options:

Pyrolytic system: Function by which the oven launches a program of maximum power, around 500º. The self-cleaning program lasts up to a maximum of two hours , normally. If after this process, there are still remnants of your last victim, the brand will return the money, Yes, its use is recommended for a certain periodicity; about once a month or after 20-30 uses. The disadvantage of the system is that in the interim it will be your turn to go over the oven so that too many debris does not accumulate.

Aqualysis: Sometimes, after the application of a system as outstanding as sophisticated, someone lights the bulb and thinks about the simple. In this case the possibility of self-cleaning with water and a little soap, both discharged on the base of the oven , was raised a good day not so far and some good brand took it forward. The disadvantage is that it is not an intensive cleaning, in case of intensive roasts, it will not finish taking all the waste ahead.

You can ask me, and what is more recommendable, pyrolysis or aqualysis?

In this case I will tell you that the ideal would be to have both options. But as it seems that there is no (or at least I can not find) manufacturer or brand that is able to make both options compatible, I prefer the aqualysis . Expecting that not long after the best brands realize the great round advantage that would be to have the all in one …

And in the absence of the magical combination, why do I stay with the aqualysis? Because it can be used continuously , although it is not so deep, it is faster, it spends considerably less per unit use and ensures a long hygiene based on that possible continued use. If it does not end up dragging any concrete incrustation, then you put your hand in a posteriori and solved.

Water, cleaner products

The truth is that to clean the oven I’m not very fond of chemicals . I back down to think that chemical remains can stay around sheltered to be released on the food that goes after. That’s why I throw a lot of natural things: water, baking soda and lemon or vinegar.

It all depends on the type of manual cleaning you want to do:

Cleaning after use: If the roast you have prepared has been something light, I recommend you do as I do, a cloth soaked in hot water and finally impregnated with lemon will serve to leave the inside of the oven clean and with a natural aroma as a finish perfect. In case the last asado has splashed like the child of the exorcist, it’s up to you to rub a little more, but do not doubt that the hot water and the lemon, with a little more intensity in the rubbing, will end everything. Of course, I remind you that we talk about cleanings after use, not for days after use.

Periodic cleaning: For those longer cycle cleanings , there are always also natural resources that will avoid so much chemical substance in a household appliance intended to prerate foods. All you have to do is prepare a large glass or bowl with a quarter of powdered baking soda. You add water little by little and you are stirring. Until the density of the set is ideal for handling without dripping too liquid and without lumps by too solid. Spread the mixture all over the oven and forget about it. Let it sit overnight. The next day you will have to remove the filling with wet cloth, as much as you can. You clean the cloth and soak it again mixing vinegar on this occasion. You go through the whole oven again, the remains will end up coming out. Then turn on the oven 15 minutes and wing, like new.

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How you should place the food in the fridge

If you have never been told, it is time to know the best way to place the food you buy inside your refrigerator. Although it does not have much science, it does have a lot of importance. The organizing of food inside a refrigerator does not require technique, but certain levels of care. Have you ever wondered if each food has its space?

So you should place the food in the fridge

Yes, it does. And where you put it will not only depend on the time it will last in conditions, but also the consumption of your refrigerator . If you have never considered how to place food in the refrigerator , it is time to do it.

Everything has its explanation inside the refrigerator. A simple example: if all the manufacturers put a space for the eggs in the door, more or less at an average height, have you not considered that it is for something? The same can be said about fruits and vegetables.

Most modern refrigerators come with special drawers for the optimal conservation of these foods. What’s more, some brands openly bet on keeping fresh fruits and vegetables up to twice as long in their drawers. If you want this to happen like that, do not hesitate to use them.

Meat and fish also require specific conditions of humidity and temperature . And no, not all the corners of the fridge offer them. To stop falling into the error of placing the food in bulk, the brands also manufacture their refrigerators with specific boxes for these foods. If your refrigerator comes equipped with them, it is best that you use them. If not, you will have to bet to place meat and fish in the intermediate zone of the freeze.

How to place the food in the fridge is something so relevant for conservation and consumption , that they are even starting to manufacture completely compartmentalized models, where each food has a place assigned with names and surnames. And even special drawers for items that are not eaten, such as medications or certain cosmetics.

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How to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine

That of cleaning the countertop, the floor, the bathrooms or the carpet we already have internalized. It is part of our weekly domestic routine. But what about the mattress? Let the hand raise who will clean it thoroughly at least once a month. What we thought … few hands are seen. Error! It is an element of the home that we use every day and it is essential for our health. And is that a lack of maintenance involves the accumulation of germs and mites that can lead to allergies, skin problems and other problems arising. No problem. In this article we show you how to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine.

How to clean the mattress

How to keep your mattress in perfect condition

There are a series of daily actions that can help us to keep the mattress in perfect condition … or almost, since it is highly recommended to perform deep cleanings every so often.

Aerate your mattress … every day. It is not that it is a very demanding task. You just have to leave the bed unmade for a small period of time, leaving it dry (sweat is usually very typical on summer nights). It is not necessary to let it air all day.

Aspirate the mattress … every week. When you change the sheets, let the mattress air again and take advantage of the vacuum cleaner. In this way, we will eliminate an important part of mites and other dust particles.

Turn the mattress over … every year (in some cases every less time). You must do both side and orientation, so we make sure you do not lose stability by using it always in the same way. Some mattresses have one side for winter and another for summer.

Use mattress protector … always. It is a very profitable small investment, taking into account that it protects the integrity of our mattresses in the event of unforeseen events (those of you who have children know what we are talking about).

How to clean your mattress thoroughly

In addition to periodic basic maintenance, it is important to undertake deeper cleanings that guarantee optimal results.

One of the most common is those designed to eliminate the dreaded mites. For this, we will use a steam cleaning system, since only by subjecting them to high temperatures will we achieve a sure success. There is, similarly, an alternative method and something simpler. In specialized stores or on the Internet we can find specially developed products to eradicate mites.

On the other hand, to eliminate stains, such as urine, vomit, blood or mold, we must use chemical products that disinfect mattress fabrics with total guarantee. Peroxide and bicarbonate are the most used. Simply wet a clean cloth lightly and rub on the stain.

Do you have more home tricks to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine? Tell us on social networks!

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Professional Tips for the care of appliances and home

Feather duvet: If you are wrapped in a feather or down comforter in your bed, remember that in order to keep it in perfect condition for a longer time and that it feels spongy and pleasant, it is important to ventilate it, fluff it and shake it once a week so that it evaporates. humidity that forms in its interior and recovers its fluffy tone. When the season is over, take it to the dry cleaner to clean it dry.

Clean pressure pot: The bottom of the pressure cookers becomes darker with the passage of time. To eliminate these dark fences, you have to rub the inside with a sponge moistened in vinegar. Then, wash the pot with soap, rinse and dry. It will have the clean and bright color of the steel again.

Steel countertops: The stainless steel countertops, now very fashionable, are easy to clean, but they are easily scratched. Therefore, no dirt is rubbing gently with a cloth soaked in olive oil.

Tablecloths with spots: Tablecloths and napkins are, together with children’s clothes, the most dirty pieces of clothing. So that they are clean of difficult spots, it is convenient, before washing them, to leave them to soak in water with two tablespoons of ammonia per liter of water.

If you want to give an extra touch of brightness, rub with a cork sheet that you will impregnate with a little bit of glycerin

Impeccable tiles: Do you want a definitive trick so that the tiles of the bathroom or the kitchen are perfect? You just have to clean them with newspaper, moistened with water, in which a trickle of ammonia will have dissolved. Try one of the tiles first and, if the result is good, dare with the rest. Another trick that will work is to wash them with water to which you will have incorporated an important jet of vinegar.

Glue in good condition: Surely you have noticed that the metallic glue tubes, if they are not used, end up hardening and you have to throw them away. To prevent this from happening again, be careful to keep the tubes -of course, perfectly closed- inside a jar of glass with airtight seal. The glue will remain in perfect condition to be used.

Mothproof Cedar: If in your home cupboards you have cedar wood hangers to keep moths away, we provide you with a trick to reinforce its effectiveness: once a year, lightly sand the cedar wood with a fine sandpaper.This way, you will strengthen its anti-moth effect.

Leather sofa: If we have a leather sofa or footrest and we notice that it needs special nutrition, since the skin begins to crack, we will prepare the following repairer: Boil 300 ml of linseed oil and let it cool. Afterwards, we will add 300 ml of vinegar. The mixture is applied with a clean, lint-free cloth and then polished with another dry cloth. The skin will be perfectly nourished.

Hinges that gnash: If the hinges of a door have begun to squeak, they are begging you to lubricate them with a little oil or with a pencil lead. The problem will be solved in a few seconds.

Clay soil with lime: If you have on your terrace or balcony a terracotta floor that has spots of lime, clean its surface with water and vinegar, in a few days the white spots will eventually disappear. To prevent them from coming back, add a splash of vinegar to the water every time that you scrub it.

Food stuck to the pan: If the food has been stuck in a clay pot, do not rub it excessively because you could scratch it or break it. Put the casserole on the fire with water and vinegar in equal parts. When the water has warmed up, add a handful of salt, turn off the heat and let it cool: the remains of food will come off by themselves.

Always fluffy towels: The chlorine in the water and the successive washings cause the towels to lose their softness and, in addition, dry out worse and worse. A home remedy to recover the original touch of the curl is to add a little bicarbonate to the rinse water. Remember that it is better not to iron them, since the fibers are crushed.

Faded garment: If a piece of natural fiber has taken the color of another garment that has faded, introduce it in a hot water soak with the shell of two eggs. Leave for two hours and rinse with clean water.

Stuck sink: If your sink does not gobble the water well it may be stuck for some reason. Try pouring coffee grounds from your coffee maker into the drain and then fully open the tap to dissolve. I’m sure your pipe thanks you.

Eliminate the bad smell of shoes: If you keep all your shoes in a shoemaker it is likely that after a while it does not smell very good. To remove the pest from footwear, you will only have to put a small container with some coffee beans and others of anise inside the shoemaker, which you will find in herbalist shops. Bad smells at bay.

If you do not have distilled water: If you have an ironing session and you have finished the distilled water from the iron, try using the melted water from ice cubes in your fault. You will be able to iron as always and your iron will not notice it.

Stuck pipelines: If the drain of the kitchen or bathroom are clogged, sign up for this infallible trick so that the pipes do not fail: Give them a little cola at night. You will check the unclogging power of the tail.

White boards: To whiten tile joints in an easy way, apply a scrubbing of water, bleach and detergent, let it act and then revise with a brush moistened with water. Lastly, you will only have to clarify.

Yellowish rubber: Do you use a rubber on the table in your house? Has it become yellowish? To regain its original white, you just have to soak the plastic layer with a sponge soaked in milk.Afterwards, you just have to rinse it well and dry it with a dry cloth.

Opaque toilets: Do the toilets in your home have a light opaque veil? To remove it there is nothing like washing the toilet properly and passing it, once rinsed, a cloth soaked in hot vinegar diluted with water. They will shine like the first day.

Mirror without fog: To prevent the mirror in the bathroom from fogging up again with the hot water vapor, take a clean, dry cloth, pour a few drops of normal shampoo and apply it to the mist. Let it dry and you will not have that problem in your bathroom again.

Cupboards with smell: To make your cupboards smell great, use the trick of our grandmothers. Wrap some quinces in a little piece of tissue paper. Its fragrance will gently but deliciously perfume your clothes, and you will notice it every time you open the closet.

Synthetic velvet: Do you have a chair or sofa upholstered with synthetic velvet? Remember to brush them vigorously on a regular basis so they do not accumulate dust and hair does not crush when sitting. From time to time, rub them with a cloth dampened in hot water with a trickle of ammonia.

Clean extractor: When you are going to clean the accumulated fat in the extractor hood, you will do it without much effort if, before proceeding to apply the special product, you put to boil water and lemon juice for 15 minutes. The released steam will act as a degreaser and it will cost you less to eliminate the grease.

Ancient porcelain: To recover the white color of an old porcelain crockery that, due to the passage of time, has turned yellow, let the pieces soak in warm water with a good jet of bleach. Then, fry them with mild dishwashing detergent, rinse and dry very well making the shine of the porcelain.

Remove labels: To remove the adhesive labels that are stuck on many objects, soak them with hot water, put on a few drops of detergent and let act a few minutes. Moisten the tip of a cloth in alcohol and rub circularly over it: the label will soften and come out easily.

Excess foam: Surely it happens more than once: when washing a garment or crockery by hand, too much foam remains in the sink. Well, the trick to eliminate it easily is not to let the water run, but to wash your hands with a soap bar. It seems to be a lie, but it works.

Move furniture: Do you need to move heavy furniture, but you have to drag them and you fear that they end up scratching the floor? A very simple trick: insert a thick wool or cotton sock on each leg and place the furniture on a blanket: you can drag them without risk.

Shoes that tighten: If you have shoes that squeeze you, try to widen them with this trick: Moisten a lot of newspaper sheets with hot water and, well drained, insert them into the shoes, squeezing them together the better. Leave them inside for 24 hours and then try on the shoe. If necessary, repeat the operation again.


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Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning System? What You Really Need To Know

Are you up to date with the latest information in the refrigerant industry? Do you know that refrigerant standards have changed? In fact, you may have to take a closer look at your air conditioning unit if it still operates on Freon or R22. There are many important changes in the HVAC-R industry and these changes will affect the air conditioner units in most of the residences and commercial establishments in this day and age. Freon or R22 was the most popular coolant used in almost 90% of AC units in homes and commercial establishments for many decades. But the substance was found to deplete the ozone layer of the planet. This discovery was made in the mid-1980s. The Montreal Protocol signed by the world leaders in 1987 decided to phase out all substances that deplete the ozone layer – including R22. In fact, the final phase-out of R22 is supposed to be completed in January 2020. After this date, Freon or R22 won’t be available on the market even for the purpose of servicing the current HVAC-R units in the country. That is why every homeowner and office manager should consider replacing R22 in their HVAC-R systems before this date. This article provides information on whether you should replace your air conditioner system right now.

Although R22 is still being manufactured and imported in limited quantities to service the existing units around the country, a pound of R22 has skyrocketed in the recent past. Due to the supply and demand situation on the market, unscrupulous suppliers have stocked up R22 and are charging in excess of $105 per pound of R22 today. The price is supposed to increase even further when the refrigerant is fully phased out in 2020. That is why you should seriously consider replacing your HVAC-R systems if they still run on Freon or R22. There are many methods of facing up to the phasing out of R22 in 2020. Here are some factors that you need to consider before making the decision to replace your HVAC-R systems with units that operate on eco-friendly alternative refrigerants.

If your HVAC system is fairly new and operating perfectly at the moment, you shouldn't be in a hurry to replace it even if it is operating on R22

If your HVAC system is fairly new and operating perfectly at the moment, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to replace it even if it is operating on R22. The most important thing is to implement an effective preventive maintenance schedule to protect the unit from any refrigerant leakages. That way you can prolong the lifespan of the unit for many years to come. You won’t have to worry about replacing the AC system if you can maintain it properly and let it operate smoothly for many years to come. But if your HVAC system is fairly old and operates on R22, you have an imminent problem. What if the system experiences a refrigerant leak? How will you refill R22 when the substance is so expensive? If money isn’t an issue, you can still find R22 on the market at a price of around $105 per pound. But you may find it really hard to come by R22 when the substance is completely banned in January 2020. The price of the substance is supposed to further skyrocket after the ban. Hence, you should consider these facts before making a decision whether or not to replace your existing HVAC-R system with a brand new, energy efficient unit.

If your HVAC-R system is quite old and already giving trouble, the best thing is to replace it with an energy efficient unit that runs on an alternative refrigerant that is environmentally friendly. That way you can easily save a lot of money in the long run. There are many energy efficient HVAC-R units on the market today. Most of these units run on an alternative eco-friendly coolant. You can easily find such a unit by doing a little bit of research on your part. The internet is the best place to perform such research. You will find a host of websites, blogs, and HVAC technicians who are ready to help you make the shift before R22 will be completely phased out in January 2020.

On the other hand, what if your HVAC-R unit is somewhat old but could be used for some time to come. If you own such a unit, the best thing is to replace the R22 in the system with an energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative coolant. This is where you should be very careful when choosing a compatible coolant for your R22 unit. Although there is a dozen of alternative refrigerants on the market today, all of these coolants aren’t compatible with units that run on R22. There are a few coolants that are compatible with R22 units. You should work with a qualified and experienced HVAC-R technician in the area in order to choose such a refrigerant for your system.

TdX 20 is one of the most popular alternative refrigerants on the market today. There are many reasons for the popularity of this alternative substance. The most important reason is the energy efficiency of the substance. In fact, it helps to save more than 25% of the electricity when operating the HVAC system. You don’t have to replace the entire system when shifting to TdX 20 from R22. Replacing only the coolant will do the trick since TdX 20 is compatible with units that run on R22. That is why you should consider shifting to TdX 20 with immediate effect if your old AC system is still running on R22. It is the best way to save your money in the long run. You don’t have to spend money on replacing the entire HVAC unit but only the refrigerant when you decide to use TdX 20 instead of R22. These are important things that you need to consider when it is time to replace your air conditioning systems due to the phasing out of R22 or Freon by the end of January 2020.

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Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Useful Household Appliances

The robot vacuum cleaners are a very widespread household appliance today, as they facilitate – and much – the cleaning of the home by cleaning and even scrubbing the floor independently . Of course, they are quite expensive products today, especially the most famous models, the Roomba brand. In this article we want to make a small selection with three models of robot vacuum cleaner so affordable that start from 70 euros, so that the price is no longer an excuse to put one in your house.

In our selection we are going to talk about three models of three different price ranges, so that you can choose the one that best suits your budget, but all of them with quite interesting characteristics and with results – cleaning, it is understood – very Good, although it is true that in this case the most expensive models are better than the cheapest.

Xiaomi My Robot Vacuum

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi already know that it has one of the largest product catalogs in the entire market, and how they also do not have their own robot vacuum cleaner

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi already know that it has one of the largest product catalogs in the entire market, and how they also do not have their own robot vacuum cleaner. Mi Robot Vacuum, this device has a total of 12 sensors that scan their position and objects around in 360 degrees, about 1800 times per second, also storing in memory the position of everything.

The Mi Robot Vacuum has a 5200 mAh battery that gives it a range of 2.5 hours. In addition, it has a charging base, and the robot will go to the base and recharge its battery automatically when it has little autonomy; once it is loaded to 80%, it will continue with the work where it had left it.

If you want to make it with him, it comes out for a price of 263 euros with shipping included using the discount code XMRACS in the online store of GearBest.


ILIFE V5S Pro model is more modest than Xiaomi, and also cheaper
This model is more modest than Xiaomi, and also cheaper. It has six sensors (five of infrared in the body to avoid collisions with objects and one of 360 degrees to detect walls). It can be programmed with hours and days to suit the user, and is capable of autonomously cleaning up to 180 square meters with a single battery charge (when you have a 20% return to the base to recharge automatically and continue with your work when Is charged).

This model of vacuum cleaner has two modes: dry and wet (or what is the same, vacuuming and scrubbing). It has a reservoir of 0.3 liters that we can fill with soap and water to scrub the floor (he is managing the liquid himself), and when you have little battery left, when you run out of water will return to the base so we can fill it easily.

The ILIFE V5S Pro is priced at € 131 with shipping included if you use the V5SPRO discount coupon at the time of purchase.

Alfawise B3000

The cheapest of the three models we're talking about today is run by Alfawise, an electronics manufacturer that until now specialized in Android TV and PC peripherals
The cheapest of the three models we’re talking about today is run by Alfawise, an electronics manufacturer that until now specialized in Android TV and PC peripherals. Like the previous ones, it has a series of sensors to avoid collisions and falls, and of course it is able to return it alone to the base when it has little battery to recharge. Of course, as a cheap model that it is, it does not have as much capacity (the battery is only 2000 mAh) and it is able to be cleaning about 40 minutes before having to recharge again.

It also has a water tank so we can select the option to scrub the floor, and in this case we can assign the robot vacuum cleaner to a single room to leave it as the jets of gold. You also have a specific option to clean carpets.
The Alfawise B3000 has a price of just 70.13 euros with shipping included without using a discount code.

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Zen Bathworks: Cedar Hot Tub and Best Soaking Tubs

The beauty of zen baths ensures trendsetter from all diversities, because this is mainly based on simplicity, the absence of accessories completely, as well as the unique implementation of eccentrically functional objects. It’s time to get a room totally authentic, unique and optimal bath according to the simplicity you always wanted to associate to a completely style novel.

Establishes any of the following ideas and get a net design of all aspects that must meet any of your Zen Bathworks.

features Zen gives great value to what is the simplicity

For its part, the name of the features Zen gives great value to what is the simplicity, in the first instance order, organization and especially the good functionality of each item you put in favor of this particular space.

Ideas that do excel zen baths

The more simplicity and simplicity you add to these baths home, the better the finish awarded to the entire area. This lies in the reference model you choose your furniture, cabinets and even drawers that have a minimalist decorative style.

Do not forget the mirrors of moderate size that involve an improvement in the lighting of Zen bathrooms, as well as the enlargement ornamental of all space from a general perspective. Order at all times. A bathroom with zen style , can not be given fuss or disasters misplaced. The best will implement components that help organize the entire area, without many complexities, but all very timely and simple.
The more simplicity and simplicity you add to these baths home, the better the finish awarded to the entire area

Styles and exclusives

  • The styles frumpy applied to Zen Bathworks, demonstrate optimal for what you’ve always tried to incorporate, especially in such areas where hygiene and tranquility are an important part of its decoration naturalist finish.
  • As regards bathtubs , it is best to choose those shaped oval or Spa type, involving greater tranquility and sense of break you want to take from the start.
  • If you choose wood flooring for Zen bathrooms, you must keep in mind that you will automatically have rooms rustic bathrooms , you should decorate with elements of the same material to have appropriate combinations and distinguish good way in this point home.
  • Glass walls related to this type of bathrooms , they connect with an inner peace and rest, when you bring out your personal hygiene , sowing connecting an excellent perspective view of your bathroom with the outer regions of home.

Another excellent aspect that is part of the Ideas for Zen Bathworks, are the floating shelves, which give a semblance of minimalism updated adapted to any dimension of your space and can be complemented with wicker baskets or candles around the sink , in a way exclusive.
Supports all these qualities and get an inspiring result based on minimalist trend.