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How to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine

That of cleaning the countertop, the floor, the bathrooms or the carpet we already have internalized. It is part of our weekly domestic routine. But what about the mattress? Let the hand raise who will clean it thoroughly at least once a month. What we thought … few hands are seen. Error! It is an element of the home that we use every day and it is essential for our health. And is that a lack of maintenance involves the accumulation of germs and mites that can lead to allergies, skin problems and other problems arising. No problem. In this article we show you how to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine.

How to clean the mattress

How to keep your mattress in perfect condition

There are a series of daily actions that can help us to keep the mattress in perfect condition … or almost, since it is highly recommended to perform deep cleanings every so often.

Aerate your mattress … every day. It is not that it is a very demanding task. You just have to leave the bed unmade for a small period of time, leaving it dry (sweat is usually very typical on summer nights). It is not necessary to let it air all day.

Aspirate the mattress … every week. When you change the sheets, let the mattress air again and take advantage of the vacuum cleaner. In this way, we will eliminate an important part of mites and other dust particles.

Turn the mattress over … every year (in some cases every less time). You must do both side and orientation, so we make sure you do not lose stability by using it always in the same way. Some mattresses have one side for winter and another for summer.

Use mattress protector … always. It is a very profitable small investment, taking into account that it protects the integrity of our mattresses in the event of unforeseen events (those of you who have children know what we are talking about).

How to clean your mattress thoroughly

In addition to periodic basic maintenance, it is important to undertake deeper cleanings that guarantee optimal results.

One of the most common is those designed to eliminate the dreaded mites. For this, we will use a steam cleaning system, since only by subjecting them to high temperatures will we achieve a sure success. There is, similarly, an alternative method and something simpler. In specialized stores or on the Internet we can find specially developed products to eradicate mites.

On the other hand, to eliminate stains, such as urine, vomit, blood or mold, we must use chemical products that disinfect mattress fabrics with total guarantee. Peroxide and bicarbonate are the most used. Simply wet a clean cloth lightly and rub on the stain.

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The importance of sleep on a good mattress

Can you imagine a bedroom in which there were a good mattress? Certainly would not be a bedroom immediately because the function of rest and comfort would not be present. The mattress is key to any bedroom because all people need to rest and recover energy to face the next day with all our strength … something that will only be achieved having a good mattress in our lives.

But not just any mattress because you have to find the one that best suits you and your body, and you have to get a mattress that provides you the comfort, convenience and know that sleep every night it ‘s like you’re lounging on a cloud. Only in this way you can reponerte hard days work!
The mattresses that will provide higher quality are those that are made ​​as comfortable materials like polyurethane foam
What you pay

Sometimes we buy mattresses getting carried away by the price rather than comfort them, something that undoubtedly will invoice to our body within months or even weeks. If not try the mattress in the store or you decide to buy only by the low price, it is likely not to meet all your body needs and eventually get up in the morning with pain that could have been avoided if you had chosen a mattress with features suited to you .

This usually occurs with spring mattresses, which albeit traditional are of poor quality and sooner or later you regret have told you bought and you will spend more money getting a better one, something you would have saved buying a good quality mattress flawless from the beginning.

Mattresses guest

There mattresses I call “guest” because none are recommended for daily use. Usually the mattresses that inflate, ranging in a functional furniture (sofas and beanbags bed) and even rolled mattresses, these mattresses are suitable only for specific moments so often have a low cost.


There are mattresses that are made ​​from laminated materials that are not advisable to sleep because besides making noise you sweat and have unpleasant sensations. So when choosing a mattress have to try it in the store and feel the material that is built makes you feel comfortable and excellent comfort.

Top mattresses

If you really want to enjoy a mattress in a position I suggest you purchase a mattress bed because it is to already be alone or with mattresses will bring you greater breadth and moments of relaxation at home. You can move freely if you are lucky enough to enjoy it to yourself, taking maximum space for your movement in any moemnto day.

The mattresses that will provide higher quality are those that are made ​​as comfortable materials like polyurethane foam , natural latex fillers or … Try them and see the difference with traditional spring mattresses! Once you try a mattress worth, you no longer sleep on a mattress never equal low quality.

If the mattress is not only for you but also your partner enjoy it, you have to choose the mattress together to relax both the maximum. Also you have to consider rest and physical conditions of the two so you can choose the best for your comfort.

What type of mattress currently have in your bedroom? Would you like to replace it or are you happy with the results? Do you think that the mattress is the most important part of a bedroom? Give us your opinion!


What Is The Best Type Of Mattresses?

Mattresses are definitely responsible for a good rest and comfortable relaxation.In the market you will find a wide variety of modern mattresses in different sizes and materials. It is essential to know the types in details to choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Wool Mattresses

This type of mattresses were left to the mid-twentieth century, were made with wool previously washed and graded before being introduced into the mattress so that it was well pressed, were extremely heavy and had little resistance, you can find some still in good condition and are often used primarily as decoration as a chair for a rustic house.

Feather beds

These mattresses made with feathers are highly prized and used in cold region, as they have large thermal qualities, are generally made of goose feathers and therefore have a high cost.

mattresses made with feathers are highly prized and used in cold region

Water Mattresses

It was very popular some years ago but nowadays, these are hardly required due to their weight. They are made with water-filled modules.

Spring mattresses

These are the most used and are made with wire springs. Aryans, thickness and quantity, as well as its strength, its cost vary.

Air mattresses

These types of mattresses are inexpensive, very easy to store and usually have a built-inflation system, although there are others where this task should be done manually. These are usually chosen to bring camping.

Foam Mattress

These mattresses are made of polyurethane foam covered in different fabrics, its density will vary according to customer needs at the moment are the most used.

How to choose the best mattresses that best suits your tastes and needs


They are those who own less thick and have a low cost, they are generally acquired to carry camping and its use is sporadic and it is not advisable to use them for daily rest.

As you can see, there is a very wide range of mattresses that you find in the market. It is recommended for almost everyone, be careful to rotate so that its even wear in all sectors, however ideally change mattress every ten years.


How to keep the best mattress clean for a long time?

The mattress of your bed, crib or child’s bedroom is a key to your rest. However, how long have you cleaned it in the right way? As you have to spend much of the time on your matress, you should aware of some maintenance tips that needs for the best mattress and not only to care how it looks, but also for your health.

How to keep the mattress in good condition for a long time

Problems for a mattress in disrepair

Did you know how inconvenient it can be for you to have a mattress without care?

Posture problems

Whatever the composition of your mattress, whether high density foam or spring, after a time, rather than allowing comfort, it may be the cause of our back pain, hip or even head pain.

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Even the best mattress usually housed dust. For their size are not as easy to wash, let alone as an element of daily use, how to wait until it is dry and ready? However, this obstacle can be more harmful than you thought, it brings dust mites.

The mites are small spider-like animals that are housed between the particles of the cloth that covers the mattress and feed on dust, which is mostly composed of human skin. As if this were not enough, they can be responsible for diseases such as asthma and other types of irritation or skin allergies. The older your mattress, there will be more chance of being infected by these parasites and cleaning the mattress is essential.


An old mattress as you mentioned may have broken springs that can tear the lining and cause us injury. Many times, these cracks are due to mishandling of the mattress or gaming activities (like jumping on them).
And so the list can go on the many problems a bad mattress can cause us.

Maintaining the mattress

  • If your mattress is in sight in poor condition or is over 10 years of use, it is recommended impending change. By contrast, even when the mattress is newly acquired, its maintenance is very important.
  • As a recommendation, always use a cover or mattress cover, in addition to the bedding. Do not sleep on a mattress uncovered, since when it spot you sweat and that the mattress will deteriorate even faster. Change bedding every other day or at least once a week.
  • Each you can, take your mattress to the sun, or at least try to ventilate the room windows open, and, if possible, with some direct sunlight to kill the mites and odors. Another idea to eliminate bacteria and odor is to spray them with disinfectant sprays and vacuuming them whenever possible.
  • In addition, you must rotate and turn the mattress every 15 days or at least once a month, so wear it occurs evenly. Try not to sit on their edges and, of course, remind children that the mattress is to sleep and rest, not to play over it like a trampoline.
  • If you clean the mattress regularly and try to give you the proper use, you can keep the mattress in good condition for much longer.