Bathroom design Tile imitation Crocodile
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Bathroom design: Tile imitation Crocodile

Bathroom design. décor tiles , a very special tiles imitation crocodile skin. A sophisticated and stylish bathroom. will tell you more about this bath of design decorated with tiles that imitate crocodile skin.

Bathroom design Tile imitation Crocodile

If you like to be the last, faux crocodile leather tiles come as a trend. Come from the collection Savana the Italian company. The tiles have a high shine and the drawing has to imitate crocodile skin .


Deep red, turquoise, brown are the colors of these original tiles. The white sink and even more prominent floral frame on red.

Want a different room? Sure these tiles can be combined with the bathroom furniture to create a spectacular bathroom design.


Bathroom design Tile imitation Crocodile

The same tile in turquoise, looks at the level of detail, it seems mosaic made of the drawing. In this case we see in contrast to black, but can coordinate with wood white with orange or metallic gray.

In the lower photo in brown coffee, drawing highlighted in darker areas in the central part seems that the wall hangings were skinned, the effect is sophisticated and original. Combined with a wood countertop and sink type vessel in black.

Bathroom design Tile imitation Crocodile

The tile occupies only half of the wall, to avoid overloading the room, the other half is pale ivory in color as the floor.

If you want to create an ethnic or bathroom look different and have tiled crocodile leather finish. The finish at least in photos looks stunning and bright, with a picture that does not tire and vibrant colors.

Another bathroom tiled in bright red, in this case the sink is integrated into the countertop. marble. A nice metal faucet brings something original to the set.


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