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How Bedroom Design Can Prevent Sleep and What to Do About It

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning while trying hard to just relax enough to fall asleep? Perhaps your mind is cluttered with the events of the day or there is too much light or sound keeping you awake. At last count, more than 60 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, insomnia being the most common. Instead of popping a sleeping pill, maybe you could do a bit of remodeling in your bedroom to do away with many of those distractions.

One of the more recent sleep depriving mistakes most people make is to keep their cell phones with them as they turn in for the night

All the Comforts of Home

You often hear that time-worn expression “All the comforts of home” when looking for hotels and other accommodations when booking a vacation. Unfortunately, too few homes have the comforts they need for an adequate night’s sleep, and it begins with the bed. Every person has their own comfort level, and this is why sleep number beds are so popular, especially with couples who have varying needs in the softness or firmness of a mattress. However, it doesn’t end there and that’s why Sleep Sherpa pillows are so popular. They conform to your head just like a foam mattress conforms to your body and allows for the best ‘fit’ to help you easily achieve that level of relaxation you need to send you quickly off to Never-Never Land.

Any Kind of Clutter Prevents Sleep

As mentioned above, a cluttered mind can keep you from falling asleep as one thought after another assails your mind. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only clutter you probably deal with. If you are like most people, your bedroom is cluttered with anything and everything that doesn’t have a home elsewhere. From laundry left to be sorted to that new gadget you haven’t unpacked yet, the bedroom seems to be a catchall for anything you want to keep out of the common areas.

The No Electronics Rule

One of the more recent sleep depriving mistakes most people make is to keep their cell phones with them as they turn in for the night. What a temptation this is! Not only are they a distraction for any active social media follower but they are a great way to keep current on news, sports, weather and, of course, a handy pastime for gamers. You’ve already done away with the television for just this reason; now you are falling into the same trap with your phone! Turn it off or leave it in the other room. It doesn’t belong in the bedroom!

Colors can also interfere with sleep. Some colors are just too loud or too bright to promote the calm and peaceful state of relaxation you need to fall asleep. Just try to clear your bedroom of anything which may cause a distraction and learn to let go of everything that happened that day. There’s time enough tomorrow to sort it all out, but for now, what you really need is a good night’s rest. Just remember, your bedroom is a place for sleep, so try not to use it for any other purpose, especially not a home office! Every time you walk in the door, your body and mind will be trained to ‘sleep’ and that, in the end, is the best solution of all.

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