cover the slit and so transform into a piece of furniture for big kid
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Beds decoration for Babies

This time I’ll talk about some tips for decorating bedrooms for babies, so I pay close attention and read this interesting article. Absolutely all babies should have a stylish, comfortable, relaxing and warm bedroom that should be decorated according to sex.

The bedroom of a baby should be a special space where you can relax, enjoy beautiful where moments of his childhood and should also be a very safe place. To decorate a bedroom chair is very easy, you just have to choose a decoration you like, you like best furniture and decorative accessories that fascinate you.

Decorating a baby’s bedroom should be done by parents, they are the main responsible for its implementation. Well, then I leave a list of important tips to decorate baby bedrooms, so take note and put into practice.

To decorate a bedroom must place your baby a cute bassinet


Currently the baby bedroom decor is useful and should also show good aesthetics. To begin the decor is very important to advise you, you buy or put in the bedroom baby furniture that are versatile. All furniture versatile rooms are perfect for babies, especially these units meet dual function and can be used for many years.

Personally, I recommend you to put in the bedroom of your little one comfortable cute containing neighborhoods drawers and top try having a slit, which will help you to change your little baby is also very important to advise slit to put on a small mattress, that way your baby will feel more comfortable.

When your baby grows you must cover the slit and so transform into a piece of furniture for big kid, which will serve to place their books, toys or other things. If you have another little baby again do not worry, you only have to remove the stuffy that you have placed on the slit and furniture again be transformed into a cute changer.

Another fact is highly recommended to use cribs that convert into beds, so save a little more money and space in the baby’s bedroom. Although you may not believe, bed cradles are perfect for small spaces and are also very practical. The bed of these cribs should be individually sized, have a yard about, should also have a small space for the baby to come out and enter the bed. When your baby grows just have to get the yard and this will be only the bed.

walls must be painted a suitable color for the baby to rest or relax comfortably

To decorate a bedroom must place your baby a cute bassinet, this furniture is perfect for the first few months of life. The bassinet is very similar to a basket of furniture, but it serves to place the newborn baby. This type of furniture is not recommended, because they can easily get pets.


To recommend placing windows curtains that are transparent, simple and easy to wash. It is also advisable to put double curtain, opaque and one clear. Such curtains are ideal to take advantage of natural light and also help to enhance the decor.

Personally, I recommend that you opt for putting blinds up and down in dull colors, because they are perfect for more darkness at the time of closing. Remember, the color of the curtains should match any bedroom decor.

cover the slit and so transform into a piece of furniture for big kid

For walls

Walls must be painted a suitable color for the baby to rest or relax comfortably. We recommend using colors to help stimulate your senses, such as pastels and try to use non-toxic paint. You can not just paint the walls one color, but you can also do color scheme, you can even draw a forest, a rainbow, a bridge, a castle or even cartoon characters.

Well, I hope these tips will be useful and if you want to see more information about interior decorating, I recommend visiting the following items and do not forget to leave your comments, thank you very much:

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