Install a Glass Block Shower Wall
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Bricks or glass blocks bathroom

When we decorate a bathroom but what we want is to divide the stay but without removing light and use the space to continue to feel wide, then the best you can do is opt for bricks or glass blocks. This material is also known as buckler and can make decorating your bathroom is amazing.

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If you were thinking of putting a screen, or divide the bathroom into two different areas, bricks or glass blocks bath will be the best solution. Plus they are also stylish fit with any decor so it does not matter if your bathroom is classic, modern or vintage (to name a few examples), because it will be equally amazing.

For baths indoor and outdoor

Today you can find bathrooms inside but you can also have them outside your home. In this case you should know that the bricks or glass blocks serve you like for your bathroom interior and the exterior. But to pick the brick or block most suitable glass for you you must take into account the characteristics of your bathroom. So you can choose from colorless bricks, colored, translucent, opaque, shapes or textures, the amount of light or you want to have transparency, etc.
Install a Glass Block Shower Wall


Advantages of bricks or glass blocks for the bathroom

Bricks or glass blocks are a good solution to separate areas in the same area of ​​the bathroom, to isolate part or to close a space without having to give up the light that gives you natural lighting or artificial. In addition to aesthetic and incredibly suitable for every decorative style has more advantages as you provide intimacy and privacy if you choose a fairly opaque glass but let light.

Bricks or glass blocks are made of materials highly resistant so it can last you decades in perfect condition. Tambén is a material that protects you and allows light, are decorative, provide thermal and acoustic insulation giving great comfort, they are easy to put on and maintain and having many sizes, colors and textures can pick the one you like because other practical are decorative.


Bricks or glass blocks for all tastes and budgets

The good thing about this material is that it is not difficult to achieve because in any DIY store there you can find close to home. Also in stores such as Leroy Merlin or Aki you can find at very affordable prices for you to take as you need at home and can install in your bathroom.

As if that were not enough, the glass brick or block the can customize depending on your tastes and your interests regarding decorating your home. You can choose blocks of different sizes, different colors and different textures. In stores just I told you comment you’ll find plenty of choice and thus able to pick the one that is consistent with your interests. If you see that you have no idea or do not know which is better, you can ask the responsible section for advice depending on what it is you want to achieve. From now you know a new material to apply to your bathroom and these transparent glass cubes worth taken into account for your next reform.

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