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Common Furnace Issues Homeowners Need to Know About

When the weather starts to get cold, you rely on your furnace to keep your home comfortable. Because of this, if a problem occurs, you want to be able to quickly identify it and have it repaired. Homeowners should have basic knowledge about common issues so that you know when to call a professional to consult about furnace repair services.

You Do Not Get Regular Maintenance

One relatively common reason why people require furnace repair services is because they do not take care of regular and proper maintenance of their system. Your heating unit is a large machine with an array of different components and any one of them could wear down or become faulty at some point. Talk to an HVAC professional in your area to determine when a professional inspection should be done. In between these, you can do a quick check of your system on your own to see if any noticeable problems are present.

One relatively common reason why people require furnace repair services is because they do not take care of regular and proper maintenance of their system

You Have Clogged or Dirty Filters

The filter in your heating unit helps to collect the dust and other debris before they are able to get to the mechanical components and cause troubles. You should take a look at this part about once a month when you are using your furnace on a regular basis, such as during the fall and winter. In the summer and spring, check it at the beginning and end of each season.

Some filters can be pulled out and replaced while others are cleaned and then inserted back into the system. When this component is clean and in good condition, air is able to freely circulate without issue allowing your heating unit to function at its most efficient level.

You Have a Gas Leak

This is a dangerous situation that must be addressed immediately. If you ever smell gas in your home, it is important to leave your home, leave the door open and contact the fire department. Unfortunately, gas leaks are not an uncommon problem. Once the fire department inspects your home and furnace, they will let you know that it is safe to contact an HVAC professional to identify the problem and get it taken care of.

Your Pilot is Malfunctioning

Modern furnaces generally have one of two pilots, including an intermittent pilot or a hot surface ignition. If this part is not working properly, you might notice that you have no heat, or the heat is only intermittent, resulting in your home being too cold. No matter the type of heating unit that you have, if there is a pilot problem, it is generally recommended that you do not attempt a fix on your own, but consult a professional instead.

Your System is Not Putting Out Enough Heat

If you turn your furnace on and after a few hours your home is not very warm, this can indicate an issue with any number of components. Start with the thermostat connected to your system and your filter. If these are in good working order, you should consult with a professional because the issue could be related to one of the larger elements, such as the motor or the blower. An HVAC technician can do a thorough inspection, determine the cause and let you know what is needed to make the repairs.

When there is an issue with your heating system, make sure that you do not delay getting it addressed by a professional. The longer problems are allowed to continue, the bigger they might become. This can result in the repairs taking more time and costing more money. It is also important to ensure that you work with a reputable company for the work to make sure that everything is tackled properly and professionally.

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