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How to Decorate a Kids Room?

To ensure the welfare of your little son is very important to have a well decorated children’s room. Order to make a proper decoration in your child’s room, it is advisable to keep in mind four factors: aesthetics, safety, space and flexibility that we have.

Taking into account the above factors help us select the right decoration for small room.


1. To paint the walls of the room you should use soft colors and colors that give confidence. The pale pastel colors are perfect for transmitting tranquility in a room and can be used for girls or boys. For that, you should opt for pale lilac blue, beige, green, pale yellow, ocher, pink, or.

Decorate a Kids Room

To the room of a newborn baby

Lighting is very important in the decoration

The first lighting should be central and should be placed on the roof

2. If you want to paper your child’s room, you can do it, but always try to use vinyl wallpaper. This type of paper helps to enhance your decor while showing a touch of elegance. Why use vinyl wallpaper? This type of paper is recommended because it is very easy to clean and maintain.

3. To the room of a newborn baby, but we recommend placing a wardrobe, a changing table, a bookcase, a cot and for the mom or dad put a cute chair feels. Personally, I advise you to buy furniture and adaptable to be of good quality, especially to provide all security to your baby.

4. Lighting is very important in the decoration, but for a child’s room are two types of illumination. The first lighting should be central and should be placed on the roof. The second lighting should be indirect, which serves to night baby care. If your child already has three years of age must replace indirect lighting, direct light from a desk.

5. If your child has more than four years old, trying to create in your room a small desk. This small desk will serve to play, to draw and to study later. If the room does not have much space, create a small desk under a raised bed, this should always be done and when your child is over six years old.

6. The floor of the room should be well maintained and in good condition. All children play on the floor, so it is very important to keep well clear and clean. A great idea is to place on the floor of the room a beautiful rug or also use a linoleum floor, this will help your child does not get dirty or hurt. Do not make the mistake of placing the children’s room furniture which are unnecessary.

7. The models and the carpets are not suitable for a child’s room. Because these accumulate stains, dust mites are very difficult to clean. Instead of a carpet place a linoleum floor is durable, it’s cheap, it’s versatile, you can easily maintain and clean. A carpet can place long as you live in a place where it is cold.

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