A picture placed too far up or down does not favor the decor
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Decorate spaces with high ceilings

High ceilings can have great advantages, but many people do not like the increased feeling of coldness that give shelter and because it makes them more “empty” as well as for logistical reasons, such as when changing a bulb. However, with proper decoration and patterns in composition, a house with high ceilings may result in a neat, spacious and beautiful space, with great potential.

A picture placed too far up or down does not favor the decor

If this is the case in your home, start by painting the walls a light color, for example, cakes or beige, but you can bet on reserve to a single wall a darker tone. It is essential that the paint is in good condition, both the roof and the walls themselves, since otherwise they will notice the more unkempt.

He says high ceilings, in the end, give us extra space we can take advantage. A good way to do this is by installing large library furniture that reach to the ceiling. This furniture not only help us to make the cozy interior, but allows us to store all kinds of books, films or other objects and bring them together in one place. Also, the pictures will play a major role when it comes to decorating the rooms with high ceilings. Take the opportunity to hang a collection of family photos with artistic effects, a collection of avant-garde art, sheets of large paintings of a time or just pleasant scenery. Well combined and placed strategically, they will decorate the house a lot and give an elegant look. To do this, divide each wall on three sides, leaving the same distance between a picture and another and remember to place them at eye level. A picture placed too far up or down does not favor the decor. In addition, you can play with proportions and match boxes with windows and large mirrors.

High ceilings can have great advantages

One of the great advantages of the high ceilings is that you can count on high furniture, and large floor lamps daring designs. For example, hanging lamps, also be more practical than a light bulb in the ceiling so you will ensure adequate lighting for the interior.

The same applies to plants. Not only you can hang pots on the walls to get some purpose similar to the pictures and films, will also have more space for more pots (one always very natural and positive decoration) and can include large plants such as palms.

The curtains play a very important role in this kind of stay, also giving a note of important color. It is preferable to be long to improve the sense of height.

Enjoy also the lighting possibilities of the room, trying not to cover the windows and windows too (better if they are large) and enhancing the natural light. If you like country style and want to give housing cozy air, can build, or recreate, a fireplace.

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