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Ideas for decorating attics bedrooms

The penthouses are spaces that are on the top floor of a house. Typically the attic ceiling is the roof of the house, which is often not exactly outstanding and geometries of the house as normal.

The attic is a space that has certain conditions that imply that you seek ways to take full advantage of its features. For attics decoration is essential to select things, furniture, all custom or take action first and discuss the options you can look how to integrate them. For these reasons, we give you some ideas for decorating penthouses that will be very helpful.

Nest beds accompany the child's growth

Decorating tips for attics

So I think to rely upon requirements for gaining space in the attic, with lighting by example as well as the colors, is one of the things that you must consider to decorate the attic.


White is the color for excellence in these areas, not to say that the ideal, since the selection goes further: are your tastes and these are just my advice. Then, you can include color varieties in beige and decorated with splashes of color in accessories. It’s like what you should consider when we decorate small spaces.


Ideally in the attic is to make good that roof. The skylights are an essential design solution for the use of natural light, amplifying the space and saves energy. Look how many things with the use of a single element.

You can use them both as walls ceilings, as contamination of natural light is always going to be a lot. I advise do you use preferably in attics as living rooms or living areas, usually. If you apply in attics decorated and organized with other functions, such as dormitories, be sure to have a closed system such as tarps or curtains sliding rigid and not always want to have that powerful light infiltrating the space.

Materials to decorate the attic

The most suitable materials for decorating attics are the woods and textiles. These fit perfectly into any decor and gives much more warmth to a space can be as cold as the total white.

Likewise, you can coat the wooden roof, but always light-colored paint. I would force you to have a white roof for you to expand the strut to the claustrophobic feeling of chill and not displayed. Another option is wood-colored, if you prefer that expose.

The attics or garrets are lovely places. You might have the best views of the city and different and daring designs, they are of a very particular architecture. Do not think that you will have the best results at all. To me they are one of the richest areas in solutions.

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