Decorating Ideas for Laundry Room

The laundry room is a place in the house that many do not consider when decorating our home, not being a visible room, despite being widely used, but it is almost always a place where disorder reigns and darkness.

Here we show that it does not have to be like, the laundry room can be a tidy, full of light and bright colors, place where we do everyday activities such as ironing and washing, but feeling comfortable.

The laundry room is a room in the house, actually practices, which do not pay much attention in terms of decor. That is why, today I want to explain the proper way of how to do the laundry rooms decoration.

Mainly decorating a laundry room must have some design and harmonious colors, that way the space will become a really practical and very attractive. To complete the room’s decor laundry must place shelves, baskets combined with plastic wicker, plants and shells or corals, these elements help enhance the decor.

combine the curtains with the spread of the ironing board, and some vases of flowers or potted plants

For design and decorate the laundry room , it is best to have cabinets with doors or curtains to properly organize each of the cleaning elements and could close the door to give a nice clean look to the room.

If this is not possible, then consider using colorful packaging or decorated, to transfer power cleaners and arrange to view. Thus, to get to the laundry room, you will not see marks or ordinary plastic packaging products.

To give a more welcoming appearance to the laundry room, you can combine the curtains with the spread of the ironing board, and some vases of flowers or potted plants.

The laundry room should be bright and cheerful colors, especially if you use appliances that are metallic or white, as this will give an extra touch and feel better for this task; lighting must be excellent and natural.

decorating a laundry room must have some design and harmonious colors

Save space: Having the washer and dryer on top of the other allows you to save space and cabinets filled with baskets and allows you to compress the available space.

If you have money and want to have everything well organized, perhaps the best option is to create a good wardrobe that allows you to have everything well organized to avoid getting dust or odors to clothing. Creating a specific cabinet for the laundry room also allows you to add a special door to the washer and dryer to hide appliances.

The laundry room should be bright and cheerful colors

To give a different style to the laundry room you can match or contrast the colors. If the washer and dryer is white you can keep this line with white walls, which inspire cleanliness and order. But if you like out of the classic, achieves a contrast between the wall and the furniture of the room. Try to apply primary colors in light colors to make the room stay lit.

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