Advantages of decorating the house with natural flowers
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Advantages of decorating the house with natural flowers in summer

In summer, the house is refreshed and dressed in color. Lush plants and romantic flower arrangements invade the house to fill our spaces with life. A house in which to receive the good weather.

Decorating with natural flowers has countless advantages. With its irresistible colors, the flowers allow us to personalize and renew the look of our rooms. By changing our flower arrangements each season, we introduce subtle changes that make a difference.

Advantages of decorating the house with natural flowers
In addition, the plants and flowers cool and connect us to the outside . The result is a fresh, romantic, summer and joyful interior, since nature has the power to fill our interiors with life.


Now, what are the best flowers to decorate the house in summer? Experts recommend dahlia. A spice with many varieties that is perfect for both the garden and the terrace. The only drawback is that it must receive enough amount of light , so it has to be in some corner of the house that receives direct light, without drafts. An advice? It begins to cultivate it in spring so that during the summer it shines in all its splendor.

Guinean joy

Another flower highly recommended for the summer is Guinean joy. This species needs a lot of direct sunlight because it can not withstand the cold . To grow healthy and beautiful, do not forget to spray water during the hottest days and keep it dry on the wettest days.


Geraniums also a flower highly recommended for summer. It is recommended to place in places with lots of direct sunlight, although the geranium stands out for being a very resistant flower . But yes, in the hottest days, it is advisable to water it daily.


Another very decorative and resistant plant is the white daisy. This flower needs little care, although at the beginning a fairly abundant irrigation is recommended . Do not forget that the daisy likes the sun very much and that, in order to grow healthy, needs a good drainage.


Although there are many flowers that we can grow in summer, no summer decoration is complete without the sunflower. Without doubt, the flower par excellence of the sun. It can reach up to 3 meters in height and is a very easy to care plant , since it requires few attentions.


Originally from the Mediterranean area, lavender is a plant highly recommended to decorate the house. Its relaxing aroma repels mosquitoes and its unmistakable color adds a romantic touch to our spaces.


Petunias are another perfect plant for summer. Needs direct sunlight and good drainage. But remember that during the summer season you need moisture in the substrate.


Would you like to add an exotic touch to your exteriors? Then nothing beats begonias. They originate from tropical forests of America, Africa and Asia. However, unlike other flowers, begonias need to be protected from direct exposure to the sun , because otherwise, they can burn. With great color, the thought is an incredibly decorative flower. To grow healthy and beautiful, you need direct sun. In addition, it must be always moist and the soil must be rich in nutrients.

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