To give the illusion of more space is recommended to use wallpaper patterns or colors

Decorating Tips for the teens Bedroom

Decorating a master bedroom is small, it is a little complicated, but not so we have to limit ourselves on style or comfort. If your bedroom space is small, do not worry, because with a little intelligence in the decoration, it shall be visually enormous.

Making only the most essential, lets you make the most of your room, and so the small space not suffocate your style.


To give the illusion of more space is recommended to use wallpaper patterns or colors. Also in colors this trick; e.g. pastels and light colors like yellow gold or beige will look perfect for the room look bigger. If you want the walls to sit further away, you paint with light colors such as light blue.

To create a focal point should paint one wall a darker color, so that will create an illusion of depth and at the same time your room will look great. It is highly recommended that you paint the ceiling white or a lighter color than the walls, this will make the ceiling appear to be farther away.

To give the illusion of more space is recommended to use wallpaper patterns or colors

The large light-colored stripes are also perfect for creating the illusion of spaciousness in small spaces. On the other hand, vertical stripes help create height and horizontal are perfect to create depth.


Do not make the mistake of placing your small bedroom furniture that is bulky because they recharge much space. You must remove all unnecessary furniture that is in your bedroom, so that it looks neat and clean. All furniture to put in your bedroom, should harmonize with any decor so you can create a perfect balance.

Instead of using a large double bed, opt for a nice double bed. It is not recommended to put a bed with bars, a bed or sleigh bed with double header, they are beds that take up much space. Instead, opt for a bed that has a simple header.

Suitable for small bedroom, furniture are those straight lines, as they occupy little space and forget the furniture with carved figures. As nightstand should use a small chest or other furniture that has storage space. If you want more storage space, you need to put on both sides of your bed floating shelves.

Another smart option for small bedrooms are dual-function furniture, for example may choose a cabinet that hides the TV and clothing stores. Put aside the furniture in dark colors, instead of them opt for white colored furniture, light colors and glass furniture.

To create a focal point should paint one wall a darker color

Throughout decor is very important to use good lighting, which is always recommended to maximize natural light l. For that, it is highly recommended to decorate the room spacious and have large windows through which light can enter from outside.

To prevent cold or dust into your room , should urge on cute window curtains are of lightweight fabric and light color, that way the natural light enter smoothly. It is essential that the color of the curtains to harmonize with the color of the walls and furniture.

If no room is small replace heavy curtains of dark berry colored , because they will make the space look smaller than it is. It is better to opt for lighter shades of light colors as they are perfect to visually enlarge the space and allow natural light to illuminate every corner of the room.

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