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Decoration of elegant dining table

When you need to make the decoration of the table at a fancy dinner several concepts to remember for it to be perfect.

The elegance of the decoration of tables does not necessarily bring the number of items with which they decorate, mounted a table elegantly simple and simple décor environment will be more than enough for a perfect evening. Remember that decorating should never come between diners so you should avoid creating barriers between guests.

One of the first details you should consider is the space available for decoration, this is achieved by calculating the number of guests and watching the space available when the table is present and dressed.

In the outdoor parties such buffet is common to use tables where each guest can pour their favorite dishes, in these cases is usually to use a central decoration and some ornaments lower if the table is very long. The use of individual table are not the most recommended if you are looking for a touch of luxury and elegance, their use is applicable to dining tables in more informal meetings, while for an elegant dinner a good light colored tablecloth always brings elegance to the environment.

Some elements widely used in fine dining decorations are the chandeliers and candles, with white or ivory color preferred by decorators. The colored candles are allowed in specific occasions such as Christmas where red and green are the main colors. Finally the candles are lit once all the guests are seated. On the other hand, if you decide on floral centers should be chosen preferably natural flowers with no scent control, as this interferes with the true flavor of the food. Designs must be low and its shape can be very varied depending on the size of the table, the space available and of course your personal taste. To optimize space on a table are widely used elegant side tables where drinks are placed. If you do not have one you can count on folding tables garden, well dressed and with a delicate and little decoration goes perfect with the environment.

Of course you should not forget that the correct placement of crockery, glassware and cutlery are of vital importance and should be submitted in line with the overall decor. You see the table decoration for an elegant dinner does not require lots of elements, simplicity and good taste are the protagonists in this type of event.

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