Tips for studio apartments
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Design Tips for studio apartments

The studio apartments spaces are often difficult to decorate. Few meters and many are opposed furniture and complicated if we do not take enough precautions and do not meditate every single detail. While we must not give complex. Here we bring you some tips for studio apartments to eliminate the idea that they are spaces that can not be decorated with stylish and attractive.


Create a plan

When decorating a studio the main thing is to draw a floor plan. This will help you visualize the room space and how everything will be there.

Tips for studio apartments


Combine colors

After learning about the plant well and know where to put each thing for sure, think the color scheme we use. A studio requires bright color on one side and the other a practical touch that stands out. With practice we refer to colors neutral colors that will expand both perception and furniture combine.


Use dividers

On the other hand it is good to use color to delineate areas. The different areas of the house is located in the same environment that can be differentiated with color and texture and thus give more schematic home. Likewise, such as room dividers or screens are also a good choice for this type of space. They come in different materials and this gives variety and texture to the decor.


Choose mobile and modular furniture

When choosing the furniture it is good to note that those who are multiprpósito be better to save space. It is also good because the mobile furniture can be moved easily around the house and create a comfortable and diverse use.


Following these tips will surely be easier to decorate studio apartments. The originality that brings this type of space is offset by the difficulty to decorate but if you take the necessary precautions and invest creativity and patience will result in a home as cozy and inviting.

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