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Create a Timeless Design with Black and White Colours

Whether it’s in art, fashion or interior design, black and white colours have forever been paired together in some way or another. These contrasting shades work in perfect harmony, providing overwhelming evidence that opposites do indeed attract. Black and white colours can be matched throughout many areas of the home as we explain below. From extravagant traditional decors to minimalist contemporary styles this timeless combination can make a big impression when incorporated within any design.

Timeless Appeal of a Black and White Chequered Tiled Floor

A consistent theme throughout this design from the main diner/living space through to the kitchen is the black and white chequered floor. This person obviously has a great appreciation of 1950’s American culture as they have transformed their home in to a retro diner, suitably featuring a pool table and juke box. It’s not too dissimilar to the one featured on hit 1970’s sitcom ‘Happy Days‘. What’s great is that many of the materials involved including the black and white floor are not only readily available but also affordable. These colours have a timeless appeal so regardless of whether it’s 1953 or 2013 they don’t look out of place.

Creating the right balance when it comes to combining black and white colours is very important

The flooring has been created by porcelain tiles which have a highly polished finish, creating a reflective look. You may have noticed a black and white chequered tile design in many high street stores. Such is the versatility of these colours, even if the homeowner wishes to change the theme the flooring can remain to fit within the replacement design. The great thing about porcelain is that it is extremely hard wearing and durable. Its low maintenance quality is also an attractive aspect for homeowners, with the sleek surface helping to provide straightforward cleaning.

Contemporary Black and White Kitchen Design

Creating the right balance when it comes to combining black and white colours is very important. Black is a bold colour and can sometimes overpower a design if too much is used. This contemporary kitchen layout displays how stunning this combination can be when the correct balance is met. The white quartz tiled floor reflects plenty of light and matches with the painted ceiling extremely well. White quartz floor tiles help to make this kitchen appear spacious. A diagonal flooring pattern also helps to accentuate the size of the room.

The black worktops, units and applications provide a stunning backdrop to a stylish modern design. Stainless steel is also a feature of this design. It is no surprise the use of black, white and silver colours is so popular in a lot of modern kitchen designs. It displays a sleek, clean and stylish image. From a practical viewpoint, glossy surfaces are also easier to clean and maintain in busy kitchen areas which may experience their fair share of spillages and breakages. Effective lighting within this kitchen interior helps to emphasise the colour and style incredibly well. This kitchen is a good example of how a simple design can still have a genuine wow factor.

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