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Designing a garden courtyard with swimming pool (Part-1)

Sometimes you strive to decorate the interiors of your home, but you forget about the outside, mainly from the courtyard, which is often reduced to a deposit of junk. This space can be very rich and profitable if you make a garden and added a pool.

Designing a garden courtyard with swimming pool

Before starting the design of your courtyard garden you define the functions to be fulfilled and establish well-defined areas. More attractive space that has different areas for which you can move, instead of always staying in the same place.

The vegetation of your courtyard garden is very important, you must establish a harmonious whole plant, but at the same time as simple as possible and maintain plants that are appropriate for the climate. Sometimes you tend to choose exotic plants but do not give a good result in the garden, it is preferable to opt for native plants that are adapted to the climate and soil.

Some ideas for designing a patio garden with pool

Choose vegetation panel-instead of grass, since it requires significant maintenance. The beds higher than the ground, are easier to care for and visually more appealing. Hedges should be informal, some do not require pruning and can incorporate flowers and fruits, which make them more beautiful and colorful.

Avoid the too square gardens, the angles remain natural and plasticity to the forms of the garden, so establish curved lines where possible, you will round the edges. Although you must consider that if the garden is small, it will be even smaller with curved lines.

If you have space for roads, where possible draw paths freely. The lighted trails provide with nightly use of the garden. You can use sun lamps or low voltage, which is easily installed.

It is advisable to establish a zone of fire or barbecue, you can take to prepare meals, but also to spend time outdoors when the temperatures have dropped.

The barbecue area may be open or covered, according to the needs and climate of the region. In areas with harsh winters, a barbecue roofed and glazed, allow you to enjoy the garden even when snow, warm with the heat of fire. In warm and temperate zones, we can enjoy the garden in winter, just lighting the fire and sitting very close, although you have a roof to shelter.

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