The sofa with storage is also a good idea when we have little space
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Different types of sofas for the living room

Do you plan to redecorate your living room , but you do not know what types of sofas are best suited to stay in the house? We give you some ideas in the next lines.

The sofa is probably the most important piece of our living room . With it we mark the decorative style that we want for the stay, and therefore we must try to choose the right one for us, taking into account its aesthetics, texture and size. Fortunately, today we find sofas of the most varied , adaptable to all classrooms.

One of the most original that we can find in the market is the  Chester or Chesterfield sofa , with a vintage look

What types of sofas to choose for the living room?

To opt for one or the other, we will have to make sure that it fulfills the basic functions for our house. One of the most relevant is the structure, a key factor for the distribution of the area. Depending on the same, the sofa can be of different modalities .

Among them stands out, thanks to its current popularity, the chaise longue . With an “L” shape, it is ideal for long and narrow rooms , and has space for several people. In addition, some seats are usually extendable, allowing us to stretch our legs and rest our feet. Another of its advantages is that, by adapting perfectly to the corners, they help us make the most of the space.

The same function meets the corner sofa , perfect for small rooms . When making corner, it is easy to place practically in any corner. We find them of all sizes, from three places, and they are widely used to create cozy and comfortable spaces.

On the other hand, there is the modular sofa , formed by independent structures, so that we can recompose it as many times as we want, changing its design to our liking. This type of sofa includes different varieties, covering all types of styles, sizes and designs.

The most traditional is the so-called online sofa , suitable for up to four people . They do not steal too much space and we can combine them perfectly with other types of armchairs and sofas, getting more seats easily.

One of the most original that we can find in the market is the Chester or Chesterfield sofa , with a vintage look. Of low backs and rigid and rounded arms, its origin goes back to the Great Britain of the 19th century, and is traditionally associated with upper class housing . Currently it is very fashionable, so we find prices and imitations of all kinds.

Another option, perfect for small apartments , is the classic sofa bed . Although it is usually associated with uncomfortable and unsightly furniture, the truth is that today the market offers us a handful of models and designs. In this way, we combine aesthetics with functionality , something very useful in homes where visits are often received.

The  sofa with storage  is also a good idea when we have little space

The sofa with storage is also a good idea when we have little space. This kind of sofa includes at its base one or several large drawers, where we can store boxes, books, cushions, etc.

Another important issue, regardless of the design, is the material with which the sofa is manufactured. The fabric is a great option, since it is economical and easy to clean. Regarding the skin , we find several alternatives. The leather , for example, is tough and durable, but requires a certain maintenance and is expensive. The leatherette would be an ideal choice, since its price is cheaper and does not need so much care.

On the other hand we can see sofas of velvet , soft and comfortable, although more difficult to clean. Its aesthetic brings warmth to the room, as well as a vintage and elegant touch. A more economical option is synthetic velvet, also of outstanding quality. Finally, we can not forget the sofas full-grain leather , delicate and natural, which entails a great maintenance, so it is not advisable for homes with children or pets. Flower leather sofas offer greater durability and are cheaper.

In summary, when it comes to choosing the most suitable types of sofas for our living room, we will have to take into account factors such as aesthetics, functionality, material and size. The most important thing, in short, is that it suits our tastes and needs .

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