Painting modern houses
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DIY tips: Painting modern houses

For all that is necessary is recommended for painting modern houses, but few people know how to do, what is worse is that even the color is hard to decide because the possibilities are too many and knowing that is a decision that will endure on our homes several years, the concern is greater.

We’ll help you along the way to paint your home professionally. Let’s make it as simple as possible and step by step.

Step 1: The amount of paint you will need

You can not start without knowing this information, we recommend that before each project knows how much to spend.

Step 2: That color scheme to use

There are so many free software available specialized for this, we offer one that is able to adapt the paint scheme on the photos of your own home, you can download it from here. If you find it too complicated, refer to the following link color combination for modern homes

Painting modern houses

Now you should know exactly which colors to use and how much paint you will need to purchase, we recommend making separate projects, eg first the front of the house, then the project of painting the main hall, then the project of painting a room, so on, this generates a control over any possible waste.

Step 3: Preparing the walls before painting.

The walls are very special and classically especially prefab. What you should do is first cleaned by the best method suited the dirt, dust and grease that contains wall, remove also has peeling paint with a spatula. then wait for it to dry wall.

Once dry the wall you can start painting.

Step 4: How to apply paint effectively

There are three methods to apply paint: Brush, roller and spray guns.
Brushes: If you like this method, then buy four-inch brushes. The main advantage is that you can get to places that difficult to find a roll, and the brushes can be applied much thicker layers.

Rollers: If your wall is completely smooth like modern houses, then you should select a paint roller nine inches, make sure your tray not exceeding one liter of paint. Moisturize and drain all the roller in the tray that has slots.

A disadvantage is that a person who uses the first roller paint can waste to overdo moisture and lift the roll on the floor while dripping. At the end wash it thoroughly with water, if you do not have to buy a new one so do not forget to do it.

color paint

Spray Guns: This method is only for professionals, is the best and fastest method, it could ensure that it is the only method that optimizes the amount of paint used.

Follow these tips and you will see that painting can also be done without professional training by yourself efficiently.

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