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Feng Shui tips for decorating with mirrors

In the philosophy of Feng shui seeks to use the decorative elements and space to create a positive energy, so the decorating ideas using mirrors to represent the water element usually very common. The mirrors create a strong energy and therefore a hive of activity, which of course can have negative as well as positive. In the bedroom, for example, an area used for rest, quiet, and sleep, is exactly the opposite of the kind of chi created from mirrors. It is not recommended to have mirrors in the bedroom, and in case you can not do without them is recommended to be covered at night. Like this, there are many details that you should not overlook when decorating, so it is worth reviewing these Feng Shui tips for decorating with mirrors and to place them in the best possible place to attract prosperity and good energy to your home.

Feng Shui tips for decorating with mirrors

Where can place mirrors:
– Near the entrance as it activates the water element of the space immediately.
– In small places, close, dark and long corridors, improve light while improving the flow of chi.
– In places where they are able to reflect all the space completely. Position your mirrors so they do not cut in half the reflection, for example, face the rest of the body as this creates a broken image and negative chi.

Feng Shui tips for decorating with mirrors

Where NOT to place mirrors:
– In a room. If you have them for functional reasons, cover overnight.
– Right in front of a door, although it is recommended to place a mirror near the front door, always make sure the mirror is on one side of the door and at least 5 meters away, otherwise just positive energy is reflected back towards the exit.

– Facing each other, as this creates an element of distortion, is misleading and promotes negative energy of being lost.

– Do not use fragmented or broken mirrors, as it represents a broken image and promotes negative chi. Neither use smoked glass mirrors as this prevents the clarity of mind.

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