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Freezer Maintenance Tasks That You Can Do Yourself

They do a lot of hard work, running quietly in the background, and virtually unnoticed in our kitchens. We expect a lot from our trusty freezers and rely on them to keep food fresher longer. To get the best possible performance out of the appliance and have it working in optimum condition, there are a few simple tasks that can make a big difference to the efficiency of this essential piece of equipment.

Some Quick Vacuuming

The condenser coils are located under the unit or at the back and attract dust which builds up on the coils. This means that the condenser needs to work much harder to keep the right temperature. So task number one on your maintenance list is to unplug the freezer and vacuum the coils. Very simple and takes just a minute or two. Don’t forget to plug the freezer back in!

A Little Wash and Clean

A self-defrosting freezer has a drain hole to remove, and drain pan to collect water formed during its defrosting cycle. Turn off the unit, locate the hole and clean it thoroughly to remove any goo and deposits that have built up around it, and ensure that there is nothing left to clog it. Also give the pan a good wash before replacing it. Another quick and easy task completed. Turn the unit on once again.

The vital role of the seal helps the freezer sustain the right temperature

Speedy Seal and Gasket Inspection

The vital role of the seal helps the freezer sustain the right temperature and if a crack develops then its work will be much harder and less effective. Look carefully for any signs of cracks or other damage in the sealing gasket. A good test is to place a dollar bill in the door and close it, if the bill easily pulls out, then a replacement gasket is needed. If all is well, then a good clean is all that is necessary.

Extra Tips for more Efficient Freezers

Keep the freezer full. They operate more efficiently when full and if a power outage should occur the temperature will hold for much longer than with an emptier freezer. Do make sure though, to leave a little room for air circulation.

Keep seals and gaskets in good shape by wiping a little petroleum jelly over them every now and then. This provides lubrication and helps prevent any cracking or drying out.

Check the recommended temperature ratings and get a freezer thermometer if your freezer does not have one. Check that the temperature is maintained at 0 degrees C or preferably below for best efficiency in freezer operation and the optimum preservation of foods.

These easy tasks only take a few minutes but can make a huge difference in the performance of your freezer and keep your food fresh and tasty.

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