Furnish in a minimalist style

The hustle and bustle of modern work, the short time to a minimum for house cleaning and reorganization are the bearers of the minimalist style of furniture of your homes. The reduction of the spaces in which you live is another factor that has led to the introduction, followed by a philosophical movement of the 50s, the introduction of the minimalist style.

The word literally says everything about this style of furniture. Bandits excesses, strong colors, the dimensions, the furnishings and cramped. Is the linear forms in the light, lots of light, and exploitation of space as living space?

The use of vivid and neutral color is for the light and space is also good idea

In furnishing the minimal linear forms and square are the masters as well as the use of modern materials and technology. The house must be functional and practical, must not become a space that takes away energy for the reorganization and cleaning.

The use of vivid and neutral color is for the light and space is also good idea. The house as well as those who live there must be able to breathe. In the kitchen, the use of few pieces of furniture looking dry and square lines. High technology and everything at your fingertips with no mess and twirls around. Extreme functionality! In a kitchen there may be minimal shelves and hanging accessories and tools but are banned on sight. Everything must be carefully stored.

In the area of the house dedicated to stay for example the choice of coating material for sofas and armchairs falls on the skin (better of course if it is imitation leather), few furniture and knick-knacks.

Glass tables or glass rectangular or square shapes should be kept in shelves and cabinets, no excessive use of supernatural. If you are in the design phase of your home and the minimalist style is what you have decided to adopt then divide the space between the kitchen and the living room. In the style of the minimal open spaces are a must.

For the bedroom applied the same concept of sobriety, square bed with bedside tables not too flashy. You can even get a funny duvet in your bedroom to enjoy the extra pleasure. The ideal would be to create a walk-in closet organized so as to leave space to the room which of course must be of neutral colors that vary from white to black.

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