Modular systems Furniture design
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Furniture design: creations of Sanjin Halilovic

Modular systems are in vogue among the vanguard. And though few bold who dare to wear apparel and accessories like these in your home, yes there is a minority that used furniture design to achieve interior striking and original.
Modular systems Furniture design
Anyway, a new proposal has reached the market. It is a modular furniture designed by Sanjin Halilovic. A collection of designs multifunctional, fully customizable and the most peculiar ways.

Are you interested to know?
The designer Sanjin Halilovic certainly has become popular for its unique and original creations. The furniture generally offers offers a wide range of colors and bold colors that really manage to enliven any room.
Modular systems Furniture design
It is a leading designer, who not only likes to combine a range of colors fluoride varied, but also a variety of designs and asymmetrical shapes. Halilovic is also noteworthy that constantly seeks to create multifunction designs to help comfort and order at home.
Dis (meaning order) is the new collection launched on the market of design by this designer. The aim was to gather a lot of pieces that succeed in providing comfort, but also a conceptual design enough to be the focus of attention. No doubt he has succeeded!
Modular systems Furniture design
You can find chairs, tables, and even different types of shelves and racks with really defined shapes. Different types of accessories and can be placed and stored in small spaces that the proposed furniture. Books, records, small ornaments and even plants can fit into any opening.

Dis is a fresh collection of cutting-edge, clean lines and adaptable to any environment in which they seek to enhance the space with bright colors, lively, and geometric designs.
What do you think then of Sanjin Halilovic furniture?

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