During winter, lawnmowers aren’t hardly needed so it is the perfect time to service it. Ensure blades are sharpened and test the engine
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Retaining your garden’s performance in winter and new trends to implement

It’s easy to lose track of your garden from time to time, especially during the winter months. This comes down to the cold shivering weather that puts people off. During the winter months it’s easy for us to retreat to the warmth of the home instead of spending time in the garden, but it still requires a little maintenance during these colder months to ensure that it is fighting fit for the next year.
Here are some handy tips for keeping your garden in great shape for the winter and some predictions for upcoming trends for the year ahead from garden specialists.

During winter, lawnmowers aren’t hardly needed so it is the perfect time to service it. Ensure blades are sharpened and test the engine

Lawn maintenance

Prepare an area for a new lawn in the winter; simply dig out the proposed area making sure to leave some clumps of soil onto the surface. These clumps will then be broken down by the frost creating a great solid base for the new lawn.

On warmer days there will be some growth, this can be kept under control by not feeding the grass. Cut the grass down if it does grow longer than you’d like it to. However it’s recommend only cutting it down by a third. Find the medium as grass that’s too short can have a hard time surviving the winter, whereas grass that is too long can become brittle with the frost.

Stay up to date with moss and weeds, as throughout the winter they can quickly take over your lawn. Rake fallen leaves and other debris onto the lawn for a homely feel to the garden, this will also enable the grass to have more improved access to sunlight.

Winter plant maintenance

Plants that are not killed off from frost prepare to go dormant until the warmer weather arrives. Cut off any blackened stems and clear out any dead foliage such as annual flowers and vegetables to prevent diseases from spreading to other areas of the garden.

For the remaining plants and soil, spread a thick layer of mulch, this will keep the temperature at an even so that the plants can adapt faster without being stressed; fallen leaves from any trees on the property also make a good source of mulch so don’t discard them.

Gardening equipment maintenance

During winter, lawnmowers aren’t hardly needed so it is the perfect time to service it. Ensure blades are sharpened and test the engine. Empty any remaining fuel or check that the electricity lead is well maintained before storing away.

Drain all of your hoses to prevent frost attack and wrap hessian fabric around any external taps and pipe to protect them from the cold.

Tools like lawn edger’s and pruning shears should be wiped fresh and all metal parts sprayed with a lubricant like WD40 to prevent corrosion. Garden spades and forks should be cleaned off after each practise and if stored for a while lubricated with WD40 also.

Upcoming garden trends for the year ahead

Winter enables you time to plan out what to do with your garden, before the weather starts to warm up. It’s beneficial for you and your garden to get ahead with ideas and to assess how long each action is going to take.
If your idea is a big scale type project that will take some time to finish then preparing for it can go a long way. Get ahead, already have at hand the tools and all essentials you’ll need for the garden project.

Berry bushes grown in containers

Bring in and invite colour to your garden with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, which are all great additions to any garden, if you have no space for a large bush you can try to grow them in pots. Not only will you save up space, but they can be moved to different parts of the garden if needed and are easier to maintain than larger bushes.

Hi tech gadgets

They’re a wide range of technology that can be implemented into your garden. Smart apps can remind you to water your plants and probes that tell you the health of your garden. Smart lights create ambient environments. You can power on lighting in your garden with automatic settings.

Natural landscapes

Maintaining any garden, physically, takes some effort, people are now turning to a more natural landscape by planting in low care shrubs, grass and perennials. This relaxed attitude to gardening can produce a plethora of colours and textures to create a natural landscape which needs very little maintenance.

Garden rooms

Garden rooms are fully insulated and ideal for the cold winter month. Slowly they’re becoming more of a popular choice for home owners, they provide excellent space to carry out any hobbies and activities.

Growing your own herbs

Herbs are among the easiest plants to plant and grow requiring very little treatment. Herbs can be grown in small pots on the windowsill or in bigger pots outside. Whichever herbs you choose to grow you will know that you are getting fresh and flavour packed herbs that are free from pesticides.

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