Give your home a rustic touch
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Give your home a rustic touch

A popular trend these days for interior decoration, the rustic style rooms and home furnishings for both family homes and apartments of many singles or young couples. Inspired by the old cottages, traditional furnishings and period furniture, may become home environments and make a cool oasis in an urban housing staff, full of warmth and comfort of an old farmhouse.

Give your home a rustic touch

This is a different alternative for those not attracted to modern and minimalist style, and here are some tips for you if you’re interested, you can renew old furniture or pieces of wood you get, so that gives you a look rustic ambience of your personal space.

Give your home a rustic touch

Textures and Surfaces

A characteristic of rustic and old furniture is not generally have flat surfaces and perfect endings, but are worn by use and over the years. One way to accelerate the aging process of wood or simulated over the years on a new piece of furniture is possible with the help of a hammer and some sandpaper.

Using these elements you can vary the texture and the surfaces of wood to give the appearance that you want.

In general it is recommended to get rid of the upper layers of paint to give character to the wood, leaving bare virgin material, and then use the hammer to hit a little and add different textures.



The walls and tones

To create a rustic effect is very natural to use colors, especially the walls that will work in the background for the furniture, for they are usually recommended target. Other acceptable colors are various shades of beige or cream and pastel colors, yellow, green and blue, or even a light color or wallpaper with small little flowers. Everything depends on the room you want to renew. If it is a heavily used room or living area of the house as a receiver or a living room, white is generally regarded as the basic color for the walls. However, if it were a bathroom or a bedroom, pastel or cream are best used.



Painting on wood and metal. Skating furniture.

To generate the effect of skidding just have to sand the wood or metal furniture you want to renew, to remove the layer of varnish may have. Then you pass a regular coat of white paint, latex or acrylic walls with a rag and a sense of wood grain. Before it was finished drying the primer, with another damp cloth you should review the cabinet by removing the paint chips before the hand of white paint to dry completely or if you prefer, you can sand parts of furniture, it could help some wood grain to be exposed again and generate the desired effect. Blow dust and varnish to give a good finish and you have your furniture with a rustic patina ready.




Recovers some cheap old parts

If you’ve been taking English courses in the United States or to study Portuguese in Brazil , have heard of the classic American fairs or the famous garage sales. Find the equivalent of that in your city: an exhibition of antiques or antique bazaars and accessories found some pieces of furniture or special, to reinforce the strength of other elements that you included in each environment. Often the details help create a more rustic effect that the furniture itself. Perhaps a rug , an interesting magazine or a very classic mirror can give the touch to finish creating the desired effect.

Dare to create and enjoy the warmth of your home with little money and style.

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