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Great ideas to take home spaces

That corner behind the door, the sloping roof of the attic. Everyone in particularly difficult spaces to decorate home and apparently have no practical use. If you liked our ideas to transform a wardrobe, you can not miss the suggestions that we offer today to take advantage of the dead space of the house. Corners with many possibilities. Take note!

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A desk area

Leverage difficult spaces from home can be difficult. It all depends on the characteristics and shape of the room, as well as our needs. Therefore, in DreamyApartment Blog we inspire you with these exciting proposals that are common examples in any home.

A very common case is not sufficient space for a desk area. The solution? Place an outreach shelf at the right height on that wall you do not use, it can be a good choice. If you have some spare and with a depth of at least 35 cm space, you can turn a simple blown into a practical desk shelf. In the bedroom or living room, this idea is almost perfect in any environment.

A kitchen with stools for office

The traditional kitchen counter can also have many other practical uses. For example, as a makeshift office area. Therefore, in DreamyApartment blog we recommend placing a few stools that you can hide under the counter. In this way, we create a new atmosphere in the kitchen and breakfast bar for breakfast and grab a snack, but without detracting too much space.

Shelves near the ceiling

Home Spaces Furniture and Decor

When we decorate usually we think in width. A very common mistake, since high ceilings may also have many other uses. Try placing high shelves and shelves that serve you as a great solution for extra storage. A great idea that will not detract beauty to the environment, whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the locker room and any other room in the house.

The space below the window

In this sense, the space under the window is also a corner that we usually miss and you can have many good uses. From a makeshift library to decorate our favorite books, even a small and comfortable bench to enjoy relaxing moments. Another interesting option could be to place a service unit in which to store clothes and accessories, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Corners with many possibilities

Do other areas especially difficult to take advantage? The corners! In DreamyApartment Blog we recommend placing shelves or a desk furniture tailored to maximize these spaces.

We can also opt for a corner sofa or chaise-longue, a side table with wheels or an ottoman with storage space. In these places, the auxiliary units are a great solution.

Order and aesthetics

Speaking of aesthetics, there are some good tricks to make small rooms look lighter to take home spaces. If you have a shelf built into the wall and would make the room look larger visually, try painting the furniture the same color as the walls of the room. It is a resource widely used by experts in decoration.

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Hangers on the wall and ceiling

Also do not forget the walls as extra storage solution. hangers, hooks and hangers wall can become great allies in order to difficult places like the kitchen. You can place these hooks anywhere, even in furniture, ceiling, behind doors or inside the cabinets themselves.

In DreamyApartment blog we hope our advice will have been useful and inspire you to tap home the most difficult spaces . What other ideas recommend?

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