Do you want to enjoy a comfortable picnic at home
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Haiko Cornelissen Architecten picnic table

Who does not like to enjoy a picnic at home? And, certainly, there is nothing better than to enjoy a delicious picnic with friends and family. You can decorate your home auspiciously to achieve a really great afternoon picnic spot.

Haiko Cornelissen Architecten picnic table

Take a little look at the Picnic table presented here, DreamyApartment will propose and admire the characteristics of a truly modern design, functional and extremely daring. Do not miss this proposal!

Bureau of Haiko Cornelissen PicNYC Architecten

The real name of this wonder is Top picNYC Table and is an exclusive performance of the firm Haiko Cornelissen Architecten. The idea was to incorporate the interior design complements the home truly new, innovative and truly remarkable.

Do you want to enjoy a comfortable picnic at home

The table surface is covered with grass. One of its special features is that the real grass of the drawing board. You need to water it and care for their appearance and always look to great.

Moreover, placing accessories on it (despite appearances) is not all that complicated. It can be supported without any problems dishes, bottles, cutlery and even wine glasses filled. Amazing is not it?

Remember also that the structure of Top picNYC Table is magnificent. It is made ​​of sturdy steel, allowing withstand considerable weight. Its rectangular shape provides room for four people to eat comfortably.

Do you want to enjoy a comfortable picnic at home?

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