• Decorate hallways with pictures

    How to decorate hallways with pictures

    The corridors are spaces that are very versatile when you comes to thinking about taking them as decoration. You can decorate hallways in many original and attractive ways how is it to turn them into small galleries with endearing images of family or landscapes, your items and a variety of things that you can use to adorn them, as today we show you. One of these ideas is to give the color of vibrant painting of the hallways, the addition of decorate the wall with pictures of different sizes that are placed uniforms and complemented with a nice table with some small objects such as vases. This is a traditional…

  • Floor lamps for the living
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    Floor lamps for the living

    The hall is one of those spaces in which you wish to convey to your family and visitors the warmth of your home, for that one factor to consider is the good lighting.     The floor lamps are an element that adds character and elegance to your living room as the case and the choice you make according to your preference, this lamp in turquoise with metal base is ideal for a modern decor and colorful.     This metal lamp with a particular style of arabesque black chrome would be ideal for an elegant and sophisticated a minimalist model adds distinction and beautiful forms the walls of the…

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    The first impression in a house: Luxurious Designs

    Whether the design looks selection for home or develop for new one, the two great important parts of the building are the entrance and living room. Both should be planned carefully. You ever rode in a car outside, wondering where the door is? The entrance to a house deserves special consideration. It should be lifted with a very attractive feature: a light color, a different material, a wrought iron grille, or other special future.   classical style A kind of door-bell or bells are often desirable. Or if you want to go all out, ringing a phone through the front door is a good thing. When people ring the bell,…