The different textures are also fundamental painting wall rough, smooth, glass
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Home Decoration For People With Sensory Issues

When you are lucky that all your senses are working properly, the decor is above all a matter of taste and basic functionality. Thought no more. However, if the hearing or sight fail you at some point or people with sensory issues come to live in your home there are some other details that must be considered. Today we will review some, so that, if necessary, you can use them. We begin with some features of the decor of your home when there are people with visual impairments.

First, you should increase lighting and the voltage of your bulbs. It is also a good idea to idea to put lights inside the cabinets. Today, the market offers multiple options, some without any installation. Some small lights, LEDs can be very decorative effect, it should indicate areas like stairs, entrances and walkways (also if there is a garden). The different textures are also fundamental painting wall rough, smooth, glass.

The different textures are also fundamental painting wall rough, smooth, glass

Sensors of light that illuminates the passage or movement are also highly recommended and make sure that the remote control of television, the oven controls or phone have large and visible numbers. In the market there are also many options that often have models for tastes and styles. There are also paintings with “visual waste” that allow detection of specific areas, for example, a bed in the bedroom.

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If there are people with hearing impairments, they must install smoke detectors, put on the front door a chink or peep to know who wants to enter. Phones volume should be quite high and, if there are people with severe hearing impairments, options of amplifiers, TDD or other options, more and more are increasingly diverse.

Possibly, every day discover new needs and solutions to them, but at least you have a small idea where you should begin to remodel your home in these circumstances.

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