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How to beautify your windows with adhesive films

If you are thinking of putting curtains to protect privacy of your home by allowing view from inside your house but not from outside, we propose a different idea, economical and easy to do: decorate the windows with adhesive films.

How to beautify your windows with adhesive films

There are several ways to make your windows protect the privacy of your home, but do not always allow further embellish. The instructions that DreamyApartment bring you today about the placement of adhesive films for windows allows you to do both beautify of the windows and achieve intimacy without cutting completely the entry of natural light.

Glass cleaner (you can create a basis of baby shampoo and distilled water).
A sprinkler.
Brush to clean glasses.
Grid-free cloth or paper coffee filter.
Tape measure or ruler.
A window film (you get it at any hardware store).
Utility knife.

How to beautify your windows with adhesive films

Step by step
The first thing to do is clean the surface where it will place the film. For this, use a glass cleaner or make one with baby shampoo and distilled water.

As stated there, it is very important that they are not fluff, use a mesh or very clean cloth (coffee filters are very useful for these cases and not leave lint).

Once you have cleaned, measure the window. These measures will use to cut the film, except that add 1 cm. on each side. Thus, on a flat surface place the film unwound and cut, with additional indicated.

Next, turn to spray the cleaner on the glass surface to achieve proper wet. This procedure must reiterate as you are removing the lining of the film leaving the adhesive exposed. Attention! Be very careful not to leave marks on the plastic wrap with your hands. You can help by lying on your hands cleaner.

Finally, you must turn the film by placing the sticky side on the wet glass, overlapping the surplus centimeter on the window frame. It is recommended, you start placing the top down. Film and sprinkle again with a spatula alder (film packs usually bring a tool for it) or a rule, in all directions.

And voila! It only remains to remove the excess with utility knife, wet and dry again with the brush.

Already the have placed? Well, you have your windows decorated, and you can continue with other forms of make windows look fabulous. Remember that this technique can also be applied to any glass element, such as tables, shower doors or closet doors.

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