If you do not have enough money to install an invisible lock on your door or do not want to have to carry a remote hand with you, a high security bolt can be interesting.
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How to choose a high security lock?

 If you do not have enough money to install an invisible lock on your door or do not want to have to carry a remote hand with you, a high security bolt can be interesting.

The locks with chain offer very high security. They are perfect to combine with a traditional anti-bumping lock, of which we will talk a little below. Within this range we can find different models to choose from. Depending on the chosen variety, you can enjoy one security or another.

Within the world of bolts, I am going to recommend the 80 bolted locks if you have a traditional door. This model stands out as one of the safest and one of the easiest to install at the door. Of course, if you do not have the necessary tool, it is best to call a trusted locksmith, to make the appropriate holes. In this case, it has a very strong security bar, a high security lock and a button that locks the lock when all the members of the household are already at home. So nobody can force the lock, even if he had a copy of the key.

If you have an armored door and want to enjoy a good bolt, then I recommend you consider the 80 bolt lock. It is one of the best that you can put in your armored door, among other things because it has a key of 6 keys, which is very complicated to copy. It is a very complicated model to manipulate, hence the great majority of thieves desist when trying to force it. In addition, if the model has a security chain, you can enjoy a much higher security. Remember, the more obstacles you put to thieves, the more complicated it is that they can open your door.

If the two previous ones do not convince you, the lock with anti bumping is another good alternative that you should not forget. It has one of the safest cylinders in the market, both for resistance to forcing and for resisting a bumping attack without problems. It has anti twist system, anti lock, anti extraction, anti lever and anti drill. As you can see, it’s a really tough model. This model is very easy to use on the inside. It has a button that must be pressed to open and close the steel safety bar. That way you can have a much safer home. This button can also be locked, to prevent the bar from being opened from the outside with a key.

Anti bumping cylinders

If you only want to have a lock on your door to enjoy greater comfort, then you should always bet on the locks with anti bumping cylinder. These cylinders are not at all complicated to find, hence more and more homes can now enjoy this type of security.

When buying a good cylinder, you should always look at its characteristics and its price. If you make a good comparison, you can get a safe model. Brands are not everything, although if you are going to buy a model from a little-known brand, before making the purchase, we recommend searching the internet for opinions. So you can see if it really is a good purchase or not.

How to get the safest door in the world?

If you are looking for maximum security in your home, first of all, I recommend installing an armored door on your door . These doors are very safe.

Next, you must put a maximum security lock on the door. Of course, this lock will have to have an anti-bumping cylinder, among other security measures. To avoid making things easier for the thief, I recommend that you put a protective shield on the cylinder. This way the thief will not know what brand is your lock and therefore will have problems to force the cylinder.

To increase security you have two options. Bet on the traditional or the most modern. The traditional way is to install a good bolt on the door , which will make it almost impossible for the thief to force the door.

The most modern way will be to bet on the invisible lock . As you have seen previously, these locks are very safe and the thief has no means to access it and try to manipulate it.

As you can see, getting a very safe door is easy, but you should not forget to take security measures in your windows, especially if you live in a low on the first floor. If you put a lot of security in the doors, but the access through the windows is very simple, the thief will decide to enter through the window to see what can rob you.

To finish, do not forget to lock the door every time you leave home. If you do not lock it, it’s as if all the security measures you did not have. To avoid making things easy for the thief, always make sure you have properly closed the door.

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