Functional bedroom in green and white Bright bedroom in white Decorate office or work area
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How to choose the proper color to decorate: Color Space Choosing Method

Color has a very important influence on our lives. Therefore, it is very important that when choosing the color, apart from personal taste, a color is chosen based on the benefit it can cause in each house. The vibrations or sensations that each color transmits , is very different and therefore, depending on the needs of each room, it will be better to choose one color or another.

Choosing a color for the bedroom

When choosing the color for the bedroom , in general, the most recommended is to choose colors such as green or blue as they provide serenity and relaxation.

The white is also a color that is linked to spirituality and is very relaxing for any space.

On the other hand, gray is also a widely used color since it transmits the same.

Functional bedroom in green and white Bright bedroom in white Decorate office or work area

Choosing a color for an office

When decorating an office, the most used are usually colors such as yellows and oranges .

The reason for using these colors is that they activate creativity. For example, a gray color to decorate an office would not be one of the most recommended colors since it is a color that transmits tranquility.

Choose a color for the dining room or hall

When choosing a color to decorate a room, the most used are usually calm and relaxing colors . The ochres and browns (which are the colors of the earth ) provide much serenity and favor intuition and make people feel calm.

Anyway, every day more rooms are seen with bright and strong colors . In these cases, a balance would have to be sought after with the accessories.

Choosing a color for a children’s room

In general, most of the colors intended to decorate a children’s room are striking and strong . Therefore, they must be combined and mixed with the white color . The white color can be used both on some wall and in furniture or accessories.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the room to be decorated and the person to whom the decoration is intended. For example: For a child who is somewhat mobile or hyperactive, it is not advisable to use orange or yellow colors in the study room or bedroom. And conversely, if a child is somewhat calm, you can think of the possibility of putting more vivid colors to decorate the room.

The important thing is to know who the decoration is for and to play with the different factors such as light, space, type of rooms, etc.

Choose colors and highlight spaces

The reason for using these colors is that they activate creativity

Below we will see some simple guidelines for choosing colors and highlighting spaces. We will also see different examples of decoration.

In general, a room tends to be painted in the same color. But if we want to highlight certain spaces and give them a little strength, we can resort to colors. It is important to know how to choose the right colors so as not to fall into the mistake of creating highly ornate rooms.

Painting one side of the room with a different color from the rest , gives us the possibility of taking risks with more daring colors without feeling that they overwhelm or annoy us. In addition, by not painting all the walls the same color, we can combine the color of the wall with some piece of furniture or accessories and highlight an area of ​​the room .

For example, a wall in a specific shade and a rug of the same shade, manage to create a perfect environment and that area where the wall and the rug is will stand out from the rest of the areas of the room .

It is important to know that the colors mark the character of the house . For this reason, it is essential to choose colors according to one’s own criteria. If a person has a very daring and modern personality, both the decoration and the colors must be in accordance with that way of being.

As for the colors , it is important to note that each color transmits and reflects different sensations . Therefore, before choosing a color is to think about the type of room we have. Since the same color is not used to decorate a children’s room as a double room.

If we analyze it carefully, we will see that the colors also help to make a room seem bigger, brighter, etc. For example, in the case of a small room with low light, it is not recommended to use strong or saturated colors such as reds or blues. This is because these colors eat light and dwarf the space.

On the other hand, light and bright tones , such as the range of yellows, reflect light very well and the spaces seem much larger. Therefore, in addition to our tastes, before choosing the color, it is essential to think carefully about the type of room it is and the characteristics it has.

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