How to choose the types of curtains?

The curtains have different functions, serving as a filter light to regulate their passage. Create privacy, preventing the display inside the house. To enhance the decor as they are very attractive ornament.

A wide variety of shades, each more suitable for a function, therefore, before bowing to certain types of curtains, you must define its role, and then to choose the best suited to the function, window size The decoration environment, to cloth, etc..

There are several types of curtains, and all its possible variants.

How to choose the types of curtains
Barrales: they are the most common. They are very decorative and format can vary from one model to another, more or less furrowed, with timetables. Barrels are those that are hung from a rod and secured with apparent rings. They have no mechanism for their shift.

Net curtains: are shades lighter, designed to protect the entrance of light. They are made with fine fabrics. Are fixed to metal bars which are placed in the window and only cover the crystals.

Falls curtains: are complements of other shades, go to the sides of the window and are usually made in heavy fabric.


Shutter Curtains: curtains are smooth, ideal for modern or minimalist. They take up minimal space. May be of different fabrics. They are shades that are collected at different height, creating tables, which mimics the type of fabrics that we use, it is not convenient to use patterns, because the picture is lost when collecting the blind.

Roller Blinds: Blinds are similar to, except that roll on a stick, and can be collected completely. Curtains are smooth and is preferably carried out in heavy fabrics.

Bandeau: are guards that are placed on the top of the window, on the birth of the curtains, covering the drawer of the blind. They are made in heavy fabric with good drape. They can be pleated or flat, with a low shot, with tassels, waves, etc.

Roman Shades: usually have a cord woven throughout the fabric and pull it, the curtain rises like an accordion, or low. Are made in light fabrics and fastened at the top while the bottom ends in a skirt or blown.

Rail curtains: are similar to those of rod, but are subject to a sliding rail, with hooks. Fabrics are lighter and run them there is a system of ropes.

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