How to clean the mattress
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How to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine

That of cleaning the countertop, the floor, the bathrooms or the carpet we already have internalized. It is part of our weekly domestic routine. But what about the mattress? Let the hand raise who will clean it thoroughly at least once a month. What we thought … few hands are seen. Error! It is an element of the home that we use every day and it is essential for our health. And is that a lack of maintenance involves the accumulation of germs and mites that can lead to allergies, skin problems and other problems arising. No problem. In this article we show you how to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine.

How to clean the mattress

How to keep your mattress in perfect condition

There are a series of daily actions that can help us to keep the mattress in perfect condition … or almost, since it is highly recommended to perform deep cleanings every so often.

Aerate your mattress … every day. It is not that it is a very demanding task. You just have to leave the bed unmade for a small period of time, leaving it dry (sweat is usually very typical on summer nights). It is not necessary to let it air all day.

Aspirate the mattress … every week. When you change the sheets, let the mattress air again and take advantage of the vacuum cleaner. In this way, we will eliminate an important part of mites and other dust particles.

Turn the mattress over … every year (in some cases every less time). You must do both side and orientation, so we make sure you do not lose stability by using it always in the same way. Some mattresses have one side for winter and another for summer.

Use mattress protector … always. It is a very profitable small investment, taking into account that it protects the integrity of our mattresses in the event of unforeseen events (those of you who have children know what we are talking about).

How to clean your mattress thoroughly

In addition to periodic basic maintenance, it is important to undertake deeper cleanings that guarantee optimal results.

One of the most common is those designed to eliminate the dreaded mites. For this, we will use a steam cleaning system, since only by subjecting them to high temperatures will we achieve a sure success. There is, similarly, an alternative method and something simpler. In specialized stores or on the Internet we can find specially developed products to eradicate mites.

On the other hand, to eliminate stains, such as urine, vomit, blood or mold, we must use chemical products that disinfect mattress fabrics with total guarantee. Peroxide and bicarbonate are the most used. Simply wet a clean cloth lightly and rub on the stain.

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