Eco-friendly Apartments Kitchen

How to create a green kitchen

Today, fortunately, people are increasingly and seriously taking the need to preserve the environment and try to reduce the environmental impact you generate. It is important that everyone put a bit to help with the balance of the planet and preserve it for future generations.

How to create a green kitchen

This paper will give some useful guidelines to be able to refurbish the kitchen and make it a much more eco friendly.


Of course must be durable and easy to clean, but choose green options that have the same advantages as those which are not. There are a lot of mixture of recycled glass and concrete with different colors or those that are made from natural materials, recycled paper or hemp.


Always looking to be free of formaldehyde, harvest timber from forests or made responsible for an alternative material such as chipboard is made from sawdust and resin. The finish should not be toxic.


When selecting kitchen flooring, choose products that are as durable as friendly to the environment. Linoleum is a good choice as well as wood floors made from sources that respond to adapting forest management, bamboo or cork as well as concrete tiles.

Sinks and faucets

You can choose sinks made from recycled materials, whether stainless steel or copper. Choose faucets with an aerator which injects the stream of bubbles, producing the same pressure with less volume with the consequent saving of water.


Fortunately, there are a large range of tiles eco friendly as is the case of recycled glass.


Refrigerators are the most energy consumed in the home after the heating and cooling are first. Opt for the models that use less energy and do not buy a bigger one than they actually need.

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