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How to decorate a long and narrow corridor?

If you have in your home a long narrow hallway and today we give you some tips for proper decoration. The important thing is to play with colors and lighting so that it will not remain in darkness and make visually open and give us a feeling of more space and slack. As for the decor, it is important to place the necessary and correct objects to save the narrowness and excessive length without cluttering space because precisely get the opposite of what is intended. We see it all then. Do we accompany you?

The mirrors enlarged spaces and can put various square-shaped

The lighting

To give the corridor a visual sense of spaciousness is essential to pay attention to the lighting . If you have a choice, it would be better to put a little ground lighting fixtures in the walls at certain points, or the bottom of the wall and are directed towards the ground. But as for this you may have to do a play, you can also put them on the roof as usual, and put some low lights in the hall two places to create that effect with these points of light. Moreover, the brighter is the part that is furthest from the inlet where you have the shortest corridor door that will visually.

The mirrors

The mirrors enlarged spaces and can put various square-shaped, for example in one of the walls of greater length, forming a horizontal line. The frames should be simple and not protruding much on the wall.

To give the corridor a visual sense of spaciousness is essential to pay attention to the lighting


On the other hand, if the aim is that this long, narrow hallway is enlarged slightly in view, we should use neutral and light colors. White is the color that more light and airy feel contribute, you can also choose cream or gray Clarita, elegant tones. If you want to give a little more color, you can put a base halfway up and paint the top of a darker shade.


If you put wallpaper with very large drawings you will make the hall seem smaller if you can put it in a small space in an area of the wall, but not in all. If you use a paper slashes the hall will have a higher and shorter appearance.


Decorative elements

The fewer things get in this kind of best hallways, as many saturation only make the hall seem smaller and narrower. You can put down the hall a table with a vase or ornament. If, on the other hand, there is one point on which corridor is widened so as to put a cabinet (provided that there is space basic step that should be about 90 centimeters), you can install a cabinet with shallow and put lamp or some flowers on it. You get the feeling cut some excessive length having the hall. Another possibility is to put a lightweight library that is painted the same color as the wall, to provide a smooth finish and aesthetically anything heavy. It may be a loose shelf or shelves in a wall, or even force.

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