How to decorate hallways with pictures

The corridors are spaces that are very versatile when you comes to thinking about taking them as decoration. You can decorate hallways in many original and attractive ways how is it to turn them into small galleries with endearing images of family or landscapes, your items and a variety of things that you can use to adorn them, as today we show you.

One of these ideas is to give the color of vibrant painting of the hallways, the addition of decorate the wall with pictures of different sizes that are placed uniforms and complemented with a nice table with some small objects such as vases. This is a traditional way to decorate the Hall, but that it should be noted the wall color and pictures of varied size.

Decorate hallways with pictures

Another idea is to use the same concept to decorate the wall of the Hall, with not a few pictures zoned as in the previous picture, but using many pictures covering all the top of the wall. Being that as seen in the image, this is a very narrow corridor, applies the “sizing” furniture. In this case, a table of minimum width that it leaves enough space while you decorate the environment.

Both ideas are different interpretations of the same concept, decorate halls with originality, each adapts to the space available and show that is decorated like a forgotten corner of the House, without having to be limited by the lack of space, everything can be done with a bit of initiative.

Take this idea to give renewed look at your surroundings, is something that does not have any complications just having a few pictures with images that you like and also take advantage of the beautiful furniture such as side tables for lobbies that surely your Hall becomes, in one of the most beautiful environments of the House.

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