How to design a kitchen for cooks experts

Not long ago we gave you some tips for designing a kitchen with little use, because in today’s society there are many people who do not spend too much time in the kitchen. However, there are still many people who have no choice but to cook every day for all members of the family or, on the contrary, are passionate about the culinary arts.

So today we are going to see something very different from what you saw a few days ago, that is, how to design a kitchen for cooks experts. Would you like our advice? Then do not miss anything that you have below. Worth it?

A functional kitchen for chefs

Need a kitchen like that of great chefs? Well keep in mind that, rather than meters, you need planning and a strict order for you to be cooking for hours without tiring or overwhelm. In short, you have to go for a kitchen functional.


The best thing is that you respect the work triangle, logical paths and count on countertops generous and flexible storage. It is important that keep appliances to facilitate the work of separating them from each other so that more or less by 1.20 meters.

It is important that keep appliances to facilitate the work of separating them from each other

Similarly, it is also important to you to locate the pantry near the refrigerator and dishwasher, a closet for household cleaning and extensible by the sink. As for the oven, it is best to be near the kitchen which also comes in handy a few drawers for storing buckets, cutlery, pans and rags.

Countertop and cabinets

Of course, the choice of the counter is very important. It is best to be of a material hygienic and resistant to heat, shock and moisture. As for the sink, it is recommended that is deep and incorporate a removable and kitchen faucets must be for you, combining different cooking modules (gas, induction, grill, wok, steam).

Kitchen Accessories and collection of items to make your home more convenient

Finally, try to make the most of the modules fitted with systems regulating and shelves in the cabinets of shallow.

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