Tips and idea about How to maintain the perfect sofa upholstery with children
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How to maintain the perfect sofa upholstery with children

The formula of clean sofa and children nearby is sometimes not the most appropriate, because we already know the smallest of the house that are playing on the floor, they are constantly stained and their hands go to the upholstery of our beloved sofa. To keep the sofa upholstery perfect with children at home, we are going to tell you some tips and tricks that will help you to keep your relaxation room as well as the first day.

Use the vacuum cleaner for dirt

Children love to eat worms, potatoes and other trinkets, they devour them one after another sitting on the couch, going to stop the remains of food to the unreachable gaps between the cushions. To be able to remove them easily, like the lint that remains impregnated due to weather, or dust and other dirt, it is advisable to pass the vacuum cleaner at least once a week . Some models usually have heads for sofas upholstery, so we recommend that you use them, since you will take care of the fabric more. Otherwise, use it with caution, so as not to damage anything.

Tips and idea about How to maintain the perfect sofa upholstery with children

Eliminates the stain in time

It is important that any stain that we see and above all that is fresh, we eliminate it at the moment, since, otherwise, it will cost us a lot more work than initially it could have cost. We recommend  fabrics with water and a microfiber cloth. In addition, they tell us that it is advisable to pass said cloth moistened with a little liquid soap, making the pass always in the direction of the fabric and not vice versa. This way it will be easier for us to keep the upholstery as new.

What is important in these cases, besides detecting and cleaning the stain at the moment, is also to remove the remains so that the tissue does not continue to absorb. Perhaps the little one was eating a plate of macaroni or spaghetti and he has thrown them on the top of the sofa, so the first thing you will have to do is remove the larger part with paper towels, then apply the trick of the cloth and liquid soap.

In the market they sell many products for cleaning the upholstery. Sometimes it can help, but really with some soap that you use for example to wash your hands or dishwashers are perfect. Now, if you have a very resistant stain, maybe one of these products that sell in any supermarket will do wonders with your sofa, but prevents the stain from drying out.

Upholstery in leather sofas

When we see a stain on our leather or leather sofa, we put our hands to our heads and tirelessly search the child’s house to see how he has dared to stain our beloved sofa. In the case of this type of upholstery, we must remember that, being much more delicate, it is advisable that the cleaning is done daily , both with a small cloth dampened in some water, as well as eliminate possible grease or spots stay attached.

Sofa cover

It is perhaps one of the most drastic solutions for the most rebellious children and that they mess up nonstop. If you can not stop the momentum of the child, it is best to buy a washable cover for your sofa, since it will remove many problems and when you grow, you can have your sofa in good condition. Although it is one of the solutions that people most often use, we do not like it too much, due to the fact that in the end you do not enjoy the whole sofa that you have acquired. If you look on the Internet or in specialized stores you can find many types of covers, from the fabric, as well as other types of covers that are made of plastic and that even the water will not penetrate and damage the upholstery of our sofa.

Another tip that we can give you, if you have not yet bought the sofa, is that you can buy one that is removable, that is, that has a cover that can be put in the washing machine so that, when it has many spots or bad color, you can Give it a wash and leave it as new, but always reading the manufacturer’s instructions so as not to spoil the fabric.

Perfect sofa with a steam wand

For those who want to have a sofa for life without a single stain, the solution is to buy a steamer. These small devices do wonders on your sofa, since they are capable of removing even the most sticky stain . If you have a steamer, it is best that you can pass it at least once a month, or if you want much more cleaning, replace the vacuum cleaner with this element, although really if you want to have a new upholstery, with one pass of each small appliance nobody he will think that your sofa has been with you for many years.

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