Blinds are currently manufactured in many materials

How to Put Up Blinds and window coverings

The blinds are the whole universe itself decorative with lots of options, materials, features and finishes, as well as being directly related to the world of sewing and crafts. It would be impossible to summarize them all in one post, but I’d choose a small selection for inspiration to highlight its infinite possibilities.

But the curtain does not have to be permanently relegated to oblivion

One of the finest models is called Japanese panel (which takes its name from the traditional Japanese house with mobile walls), usually distributed in vertical panels that are hung on rails in several ways and move from left to right or vice versa, or While open to the sides from the center. It is the most comfortable and visually clean if you have large windows or glass doors that require to refine the natural light by time of day or season.

Blinds are currently manufactured in many materials: The most common are made in natural fabrics such as cotton, canvas or linen, but if you do not wash often you can choose the fabric with a vinyl or polyurethane finish that prevents dust and moisture. The trend called new rustic has promoted the use of bamboo or wood panels (like the picture) to give the room a warm and colonial style.

In the case of having multiple windows in a bedroom, why do not you put all the blinds equal, this creative tonal gradation in red serves to give a touch of color nice, matching bedding and decorative headboard. Choose blinds wisely for white furniture and light woods to avoid overloading the inks.

Blinds are currently manufactured in many materials

Nor is it necessary to give up the traditional curtains by placing a blind fact, as shown in this bedroom: The traditional curtains are replaced by a double blind set out on itself to graduate light at various levels, and the curtains still having its function give or take privacy.

But the curtain does not have to be permanently relegated to oblivion, a blind guy “roller “(of which are wound on top) supports placing two different fabrics if you assemble two rails which rotate opposite to the translucent fabric the dim up or down independently.

Finally, you cannot forget the last generation blinds, those who are going through or motorized domotics control, can be electric, but there are also models that are loaded with battery or solar power, an attractive alternative Blinds to use in outside areas. This style tends to be sober and neutral tones, but most manufacturers recognize customize if major projects.

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