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How you should place the food in the fridge

If you have never been told, it is time to know the best way to place the food you buy inside your refrigerator. Although it does not have much science, it does have a lot of importance. The organizing of food inside a refrigerator does not require technique, but certain levels of care. Have you ever wondered if each food has its space?

So you should place the food in the fridge

Yes, it does. And where you put it will not only depend on the time it will last in conditions, but also the consumption of your refrigerator . If you have never considered how to place food in the refrigerator , it is time to do it.

Everything has its explanation inside the refrigerator. A simple example: if all the manufacturers put a space for the eggs in the door, more or less at an average height, have you not considered that it is for something? The same can be said about fruits and vegetables.

Most modern refrigerators come with special drawers for the optimal conservation of these foods. What’s more, some brands openly bet on keeping fresh fruits and vegetables up to twice as long in their drawers. If you want this to happen like that, do not hesitate to use them.

Meat and fish also require specific conditions of humidity and temperature . And no, not all the corners of the fridge offer them. To stop falling into the error of placing the food in bulk, the brands also manufacture their refrigerators with specific boxes for these foods. If your refrigerator comes equipped with them, it is best that you use them. If not, you will have to bet to place meat and fish in the intermediate zone of the freeze.

How to place the food in the fridge is something so relevant for conservation and consumption , that they are even starting to manufacture completely compartmentalized models, where each food has a place assigned with names and surnames. And even special drawers for items that are not eaten, such as medications or certain cosmetics.

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