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Ideas for Decorating with Hydraulic Tiles

What are hydraulic tiles? They are mosaics of pigmented cement. Unlike traditional ceramic or porcelain tiles, hydraulic mosaics are not cooked, they are made of compressed cement with hydraulic presses, hence its name. They have been very fashionable until the 70’s, but they have now been seen again in the floor and wall cladding catalogs. They are characterized by their great variety of designs and colors. In this article we will share some ideas for decorating with hydraulic tiles.

original hydraulic floors surface is porous, which makes it necessary to apply a waterproofing layer to prevent stains

The hydraulic mosaics were manufactured piece by piece in a handmade way. The more colors the tile had, the longer it would take. Currently, although the use of hydraulic floors or pavements has decreased, there are still factories that continue to do so, even in the traditional way. It must also be said that today there are also porcelain or ceramics that imitate the hydraulic floors .

Differences between hydraulic floors and imitation hydraulic floors

Before proceeding it should be clarified that today in the market there are not as many hydraulic tile manufacturers as before. What have been growing are so-called hydraulic type floors , or imitation hydraulic floors . As its name indicates are not cement-made tiles and traditional methods. These are tiles that mimic the aesthetics of hydraulic floors but are different materials and manufacturing processes. The porcelain or porcelain hydraulic type are very fashionable. Aesthetically they look a lot like hydraulic pavements , but this is another product and this should be clarified.

Hydraulic floors in bathrooms

The original hydraulic floors , being of cement, are resistant. That is, its surface is porous, which makes it necessary to apply a waterproofing layer to prevent stains. In this sense the ceramics or porcelain do not have that problem, because they are usually cooked tiles, with a digital impression and a treatment and finish that makes them impermeable.

Imitation floor tiles

As it could not be otherwise, the original hydraulic floors are more expensive, because they are handmade tiles. In contrast the floors that imitate the hydraulic tiles have the advantage of being cheaper. They are not the same anyway. For the experts there is no such thing as traditional hydraulic floors .

Hydraulic tiles in bathrooms

One of the rooms where this type of lining is most seen is in the bathrooms. While the hydraulic finish of these tiles is clearly synonymous with vintage, it must be said that many modern bathrooms with hydraulic floors are currently being seen . It is even used a lot as a wall cladding. As you can see in the pictures the result is very interesting.

Floors and walls of bathrooms with hydraulic tiles

One of the rooms where this type of lining is most seen is in the bathrooms

Another of the preferred stays for the designers when it comes to using hydraulic tiles is the kitchen. And the truth is that they look very nice on this site. No matter whether it’s vintage kitchens or modern kitchens , in each case the hydraulic floor has its effect and ends up becoming the protagonist of the decoration .


As in bathrooms, hydraulic tiles can be used perfectly on kitchen walls , especially on kitchen fronts. You can make a collage with different designs and colors. Look how pretty a kitchen can be with tiles .

Delineate zones with hydraulic tiles

We love the combination of hydraulic tiles with wooden floors. Whether it’s hydraulic tiles or imitation hydraulic flooring, in combination with wood floors or imitation wood vinyl floors, the result is very interesting.
Imitation floor tiles could not be otherwise, the original hydraulic floors are more expensive, because they are handmade tiles

It’s because the hydraulic floors to delimit spaces are being used a lot lately. Many images are seen in decoration magazines, so we can say that this resource is very fashionable. Especially we see a lot in open kitchens , where the floor is made of wood (or imitation wood) until we reach the kitchen area, where the hydraulic floor begins.

Hydraulic floors to define the kitchen area

And now that you’ve seen these pictures of hydraulic tiles , what do you think? You can see more ideas on hydraulic floors here ! We hope you liked the article and share it on social networks, probably your friends or followers are also interested. Thanks for reading and following us!

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