Ideas for organizing shoes in small spaces
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Ideas for organizing shoes in small spaces

There are plenty of ways to organize shoes. In fact here in Dreamy Apartment we have shown several. Cabinets, shelves, racks, drawers and many other storage systems that are used to keep your loved shoes but not always have time, ingenuity and space to organize well.


Ideas for organizing shoes in small spaces

For all that today we bring you some ideas for organizing shoes in small spaces that will be helpful and clarify the picture.


Quantities and space

Consider the quantity-space is essential in organizing the shoes. If your room, cupboard or whatever is small and your addiction to shoes too big, there is no support and therefore will never order this.



In case this is your situation. First of all it is necessary to get to wonder if you actually use and need all the shoes you have, and if not, to give away or sell what they take up space unnecessarily. When you are sure that you have is what you get there you need to find a storage system that is compact. It can be for example a rack or wall mounted cupboards with shelves so as not to hog all the space within them.


Choose the furniture

Some shoe storage system takes up minimal space and therefore become vital for small spaces. Shelves, drawers or TV tables with space below bins with compartments for shoes and the possibility of being used as tables, racks for shoes and other pieces of furniture multipurpose and the like are a good idea to improve the distribution and organization of space.



You can also choose to distribute the shoes in various places, if necessary. In one of them you have those you use most often and the other those who leave for special occasions such as festivals, sports and so on.



Hope, these tips help save time and organize the footwear space. If you are having problems with organization and home decor in general, we recommend you go to our section of small spaces where you will find various solutions to such problems.

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