Rustic Home Decorating
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Ideas to put a rustic touch to your home

It is natural, warm and deeply welcoming. For something the rustic decor is fashionable. A style that you can recreate perfectly in your house with small details that make the difference to your home decoration.

Because it is not necessary to have a house in the countryside to enjoy the charm of these environments. In DreamyApartment we explain how to put the rustic touch to home decoration in the city . Do you come to the countryside to breathe fresh air?

Wooden beams and barn doors

The country houses have traditional architectural elements that take great prominence in the decoration. A good example of this are high-rise ceilings and structures and wooden beams. These elements add character to the decor and add warmth to the ambiences.

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Another very common element in the country houses are barn-type sliding doors. This type of pieces manage to completely transform the environments and suppose an unexpected touch in the decoration. Is it a good idea to decorate the house with these doors? For example, in the pantry area.

Natural wood and vegetable fibers

As far as materials are concerned, in the country houses triumph the natural fabrics and materials. In the case of wood , it is present in furniture and accessories without varnishes or special treatments. This contributes to creating healthier and more natural atmospheres.

While the vegetable fibers stand above all the sisal, wicker, rattan and jute among others that decorate from carpets to baskets and lampshades. The advantage of opting for this type of materials is that (being hollow fibers) allow light and air to circulate better. This helps to decorate healthier homes. Finally, in the country houses there is also room for traditional materials such as terracotta, concrete, cement, ceramics and stone.

Plants and flowers

And do not forget to decorate the house with plants and natural flowers. They are a breath of fresh air that connects us to the outside. The plants bring us the beauty of the countryside even if you live in the center of a big city.
The natural motifs are also glued at home in the form of prints, especially in textiles such as cushions, paintings and bedding. And speaking of textiles, another detail to put the rustic touch to the house is to decorate with several layers of carpets.

The country houses are usually well sheltered with natural textiles. A good way to incorporate this trick is decorating the floors with two types of carpets. For example, a large jute rug and another top with a different style that mimics animal skin.

Vintage Details

Antique signs and vintage plates reminiscent of the old rural markets are details that contribute to putting the rustic touch to the decoration. Other pieces that should not be missing in your house are the antique accessories that you  could find perfectly in any country house.
We refer to galvanized cubes and pieces, patchwork quilts , brass fittings, pail bathtubs, hydraulic tiles, canopied beds , wood-paneled walls, decorative plates, blackboards, basins And many other pieces and details that usually decorate different corners of the country houses.

Earth colors

Finally, do not forget to opt for a color palette in shades inspired by nature. The bright white accompanied by the warm and serene earth tones. And as final brooch brushstrokes in green for attractive rustic touch home decor.

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