Types of curtains

The curtains are essential in any home, and to prevent the passage of light and sun when so desired. You also get the privacy that everyone needs in their home, preventing them from outside can be seen inside, or that the part you want to show display only. They are very functional, and is virtually impossible to go to a home where there are no curtains in any of their stays.

A decorative level also play a very important role because they can give that special touch to any room, in a perfect combination and adequate contrast. A very large market that I would summarize below.


Also known as blinds, are formed by several sheets of small size that can be rotated, primarily to take advantage of sunlight, or to cover it, but you can never completely eliminate your entry. You can get on and off, both completely and easily, simply by pulling a cord. It is one of the most functional curtains, and is also used a lot in offices, mainly in offices. They can be wood, aluminum or PVC, and are in a variety of designs and colors.

There are two types of curtains rolling and folding

They go before normal curtain, which can be open and yet the curtain will not let pass the sunlight

Net curtains

Widely used especially in kitchens as they are a very thin curtain and light fabric, usually made ​​of fabrics are airy and light as the thread or linen. They go before normal curtain, which can be open and yet the curtain will not let pass the sunlight. They are also perfect for areas of the house where there is not much light as you get the most out natural light.


They are most easily recognized when speaking of curtains, without thinking of any other type first. Usually in thick and heavy fabrics to achieve a much nicer fall, and your choice is especially important when decorating any space. You can place only one in the window, or two, one each side, to open and to be picked up and pretty while they are open. They are perfect for almost any decor, especially if looking for something classic or rustic.


There are two Types of curtains – rolling and folding , both very explicit and named cases. They take up very little space and up and down very easily, so they are also perfect for any room. Especially suitable if your decor is modern and minimalist, today there are many designs that fit virtually all styles. Both types allow you to stop at any height, perfect to graduate the light you want to happen.

Japanese panels

They have become very popular in recent years, and are independent panels that move on rails , making it a decorative standard offer more opportunities as it can get each tissue / design. Many people use them to decorate the wall or a large window, without necessarily having a window behind. They move horizontally overlap each other, and their assembly / disassembly is easy.


When choosing any shade, it is important to consider using mainly going to give, and the characteristics of the room in which you are going to locate. For example, the curtains coming down can be dangerous for the rooms where very young children as they pull them and can fall on them. In that case, they are short or put a curtain.


Tips for Choosing Curtains for decoration of houses

To choose the right shades for our rooms, it is very important to note the orientation of the room, the window type and the entry of light. The amount of cloth containing the curtains, you should keep the ratio to the length of the window.

It is also important to think of the sun and the light that enters the room, before choosing transparent curtains or heavy drapes. Below we will detail some of the types of curtains:

Blinds: For rooms with windows that do not require large draperies, blinds are perfect with this type of curtains is possible to obtain a light and practical solution. Mostly blinds can place them with sticks, rods or without draping it all depends on your tastes.

Curtains: To gain clarity and light in a room, we placed in the windows with curtains made of sheer fabric. Light and sheer fabrics Curtains, which are ideal to let sunlight into the room smoothly and result in a well-lit environment is obtained.

ideal to let sunlight into the room smoothly and result in a well-lit environment is obtained

install curtains or blinds, but are semi-transparent or light fabrics

choose some blinds or curtains that are the same color as the walls

make more room and the room is large you will see visually

large windows and bedroom windows are areas where if you can install curtains combined

In the windows of the small rooms, it is advisable to install curtains or blinds, but are semi-transparent or light fabrics. My advice is to choose some blinds or curtains that are the same color as the walls, thus make more room and the room is large you will see visually.

Combined Curtains: The balcony doors, large windows and bedroom windows are areas where if you can install curtains combined: If you want a classic choice is to opt for curtains with sheers or want something now feel free to use the falls with blinds.

Japanese panels : Japanese panels are decorative and practical, which are recommended to decorate the windows. Japanese panels is recommended, because not occupy much space, the only drawback is that they have a fastening system.

Curtains for the living room

Primarily a living has to be harmonious and cozy space. If the room is large, you must combine curtains and blinds or curtains and also curtains. In the contrary case it is small room, I suggest you opt for blinds because they take up less space than curtains. The plain curtains are highly recommended for those dark rooms.

Curtains for the bedroom

For a serene bedroom and that provides a lot of privacy, we must combine light curtains with thick curtains, that way you have achieved good light during the day and at night a good dark.

Curtains for the kitchen

In windows we install a kitchen curtains that are resistant to smoke and moisture. For a kitchen curtains that have pictures of food or floral prints are recommended. It’s a good idea to choose window curtains or blinds meda, having small motifs that are smooth, cotton or canvas.

Blinds for the bathroom

For the bathrooms are essential suffered curtains fabrics, especially that are resistant to steam and moisture. In the shower or tub, you should put some curtains that are plastic, they are more resistant and will not allow water to wet the walls.

Curtains children

For smaller rooms, curtains should put fresh fabrics, other cotton and vibrant colors or have children’s motifs. Do not abuse the curtains, get more by blinds or soft fall and have a lighter effect.

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Modern Door Curtains

When we need to renew the various rooms of our house, a good option is to choose to change the curtains, a detail that greatly modify every room of the home, the modern curtains are an excellent choice to manage to have a nice, new decoration in the kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms.

An imposing curtain makes a difference in every environment, modern curtains for bedrooms are ideal for dressing room, the wide variety of fabrics, colors and textures help us spice up a room, but remember to be combined with other elements harmoniously fourth component including:

The padding
The cushions
The carpet
The color of the walls

In a sitting position sliding curtains are very practical, and find very modern colors and designs to create a minimalist and modern, in this case combining curtains and cushions is recommended, try to choose a modern chair to furnish the room, the colors can be changed but everything should be in perfect harmony to get a good result in the decoration of the living.

Another interesting option is to use door curtains are very decorative and provide more privacy to the different environments, the type of curtain should be placed in this case depends on the kind of opening we have in the house, if it is a rustic style door made of wood fabric curtains will opt for bright colors in warm tones can also be placed curtains fringes that are very colorful and very nice.

If we have walls painted in neutral colors or white an interesting option is to put some curtains in a strong tone, this will give added warmth to the environment, the ideal is to place an object in the same tone of the curtains can be a rug, some embellishment on the wall or perhaps a lampshade.

The curtains are responsible for dressing a window, provide that special atmosphere providing the warmth and good taste, its function is to give more privacy to the rooms, are they that dim in the room for a better rest, and bring a great decoration, seen as just renew the curtains in a room the room will look very different, high, low, sliding, rolling, whatever the modern curtains we choose, we give you the perfect decorative accent for every room of our home.


How to curtains your rooms for better exposure

In the decoration the curtains are more important than most people think. Is that serve two purposes, one decorative and functional. Both are very important. The curtains complement the decor of a room and at the same time, protect you from the entrance of direct sunlight, because you know the problems that bring the ultraviolet rays, not only to people but to furniture. And with them you can create different climates inside the room, for example, letting in more or less light.

How to curtains your rooms

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Before buying curtains it is recommended to consider several points. First the decorative style of living room, bedroom, dining room or the room where you want to install the curtains. Another point to consider is what you intend to achieve. You must be clear if you want to filter light, enhance a view to the outside, hides a construction defect or simply complement the decor.

For example in a room you may not pretend much darker environment but gently filter light entering, and, maybe, want to enhance the look outwards. For this case the best are the curtains, which are very thin fabric curtains that allow the passage of light and not hinder the view to the other side.

In a bedroom, however, probably you will want to decrease light penetration to a minimum in the moments when you are ready to sleep. This can be achieved with a good thick fabric curtains.

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Type of Curtains and their usage

The role of curtains in the decor has changed in recent times, besides the traditional functions: protect the incidence of sunlight, heat loss, the entry of cold currents, and to give privacy, continue to meet the advances in the design of glass and windows, decreased commitment and prioritized these decorative function. Therefore, the decorators are most free when put into play creativity. We have discussed about the Type of Curtains and their usage in this blog.

Type of Curtains and their usage

Types of curtains:
Some authors distinguish between curtains and draperies. Consider a simple piece curtain fabric, hung from a bar with rings or hooks, which are opened and closed manually. Instead we associate with the word curtains to protect fabric that usually reaches the ground and are suspended from a rail with hooks that allow opening and closing through a system of ropes. In general, are more formal draperies and curtains easier.

There are three types of curtains: the panel, the coffee and bands.

Curtains of panel material are rectangles with hems at both ends, suspended from the top of the window, with rings or hooks. Hanging in natural folds. Often used in bedrooms and dining rooms. This can be combined with shutters, blinds, curtains or under.

Shades of coffee are usually hung by the average height of the window, leaving the top exposed. These curtains can be installed at a quarter or third of the beginning of the window to give a different style. Can be collected. Are widely used in kitchen and informal dining.

Curtains bands: are formed by one or two panels that are hung on the two base panels. The base panels are responsible for covering the bottom of the window and the outer panels, covering the top to overlap the base panels.

Curtains can have three basic lengths: the length of the sill, below the sill, floor length.


How to choose the types of curtains?

The curtains have different functions, serving as a filter light to regulate their passage. Create privacy, preventing the display inside the house. To enhance the decor as they are very attractive ornament.

A wide variety of shades, each more suitable for a function, therefore, before bowing to certain types of curtains, you must define its role, and then to choose the best suited to the function, window size The decoration environment, to cloth, etc..

There are several types of curtains, and all its possible variants.

How to choose the types of curtains
Barrales: they are the most common. They are very decorative and format can vary from one model to another, more or less furrowed, with timetables. Barrels are those that are hung from a rod and secured with apparent rings. They have no mechanism for their shift.

Net curtains: are shades lighter, designed to protect the entrance of light. They are made with fine fabrics. Are fixed to metal bars which are placed in the window and only cover the crystals.

Falls curtains: are complements of other shades, go to the sides of the window and are usually made in heavy fabric.


Shutter Curtains: curtains are smooth, ideal for modern or minimalist. They take up minimal space. May be of different fabrics. They are shades that are collected at different height, creating tables, which mimics the type of fabrics that we use, it is not convenient to use patterns, because the picture is lost when collecting the blind.

Roller Blinds: Blinds are similar to, except that roll on a stick, and can be collected completely. Curtains are smooth and is preferably carried out in heavy fabrics.

Bandeau: are guards that are placed on the top of the window, on the birth of the curtains, covering the drawer of the blind. They are made in heavy fabric with good drape. They can be pleated or flat, with a low shot, with tassels, waves, etc.

Roman Shades: usually have a cord woven throughout the fabric and pull it, the curtain rises like an accordion, or low. Are made in light fabrics and fastened at the top while the bottom ends in a skirt or blown.

Rail curtains: are similar to those of rod, but are subject to a sliding rail, with hooks. Fabrics are lighter and run them there is a system of ropes.