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Interior decoration: place makeover!

Interior makeover: kitchen revisited

Over time, your home becomes outdated and some indication signs of aging. Two important pieces are the mirror: the kitchen and bathroom.

 Interior decoration place makeover!

Some items placed in the centerpiece of the home have become obsolete and require recycling. Start with the floor covering. The trend is that the cork is available in several finishes. Easy to install, it is also flexible and less cost. Then go through the cabinets. Finished the kitchen and laboratory space for blocks and work plans open! Not a lot of budget allocated to this stage? Choose the paint. This solution works, that your cabinets are wood or melamine.

The contemporary feel of your change also involves updating the backsplash of this piece. The trends are today backsplashes in natural stone, pulp frosted glass or white tile as “underground” … See for yourself! And do not forget the wallpaper. The frieze and botanical plant is no longer in the air. To set the tone for the rest of the decor, go for an accent wall. Adopt a pattern or metallic oversized for more impact. With so many changes, you will find fun to invest your kitchen.


Interior makeover: a bathroom to a makeover

The transformation of this other piece that evokes the age of the house starts with the toilet. Today there are different types of options for saving water. Before buying a new one, first measure the distance between the wall and the drain outlet. This defines the size of the bowl. Next, make alterations to the faucet and sink. For a family with young children, a sink basin rim is not ideal.

As for the bath tubs to claw feet bathtubs and independents on the rise. To round it off, install a valve on the ground side. You never want to leave your bath! For painting, harmonize with the rest of your home. Consider neutral colors. And bet more on accessories to dress the part. In this way, you can easily change the setting to suit your mood.

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