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Keys to transform the house with the help of paint

Sometimes a good coat of paint is all you need a room to look completely new. In dreamyapartment we know and we want to share with you some simple tips to help you transform the house with the help of painting. To make a room look bigger, to win light, to renew the decoration and even for a more pleasant stay. Discover the magic of painting and boasts home.

Painting to gain height

If your room has low ceilings and want to create feeling of spaciousness in dreamyapartment we recommend painting roofs white. The trick is to use darker colors on the walls to the ceiling, to achieve a color contrast that causes the feeling of height.

While the rest of walls can go in a slightly darker color

And as the finale, do not forget to put some light directed at the ceiling to illuminate further this part of the room which needs much light.

To narrow environments

In many houses it is common to find two rooms that share the same room, as is the case for example of the living room. In this sense, if we separate and delineate these two areas, painting the walls can be a great resource.

In dreamyapartment we suggest decorating with a base color and use two colors that serve to delineate these two environments with color support. Another interesting option may be to use white moldings on the walls and ceiling to highlight one of these two spaces, marking a kind of border between the two.

And also to unify the decor

glossy and shiny paintings make wall imperfections become more evident

And did you know also that unify the decor, style and colors make a house seem larger? Decorate each room with colors and different styles creates a feeling of chaos and anxiety. While conveys harmony unify environments. Therefore we suggest decorate the walls of the house with the same color . You can use a color palette that serves as a base but use different shades and different degrees of intensity.

Painting: with or without glitter?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, light colors convey light and airy . A feeling that we can step up with the help of the satin paint , thanks to the brilliance that provided on surfaces. Moreover, they are quite durable and washable paints.

Decorate each room with colors and different styles

However, the glossy and shiny paintings make wall imperfections become more evident. So, for the walls of the rooms that suffer most from the routine of everyday life , our advice is to use matte paint that hides imperfections .

Paredes with another perspective

Another great idea to highlight a particular area of ​​the room can be frame it with the help of painting. That is, painted one wall with a different color other walls that will become the center of attention. If you want to gain breadth, in dreamyapartment we recommend painting the back wall of the room of a color or a shade slightly darker than the other walls. You can also paint the ceiling in a darker color to create this contrast help us gain depth in the environment.

Colors and different styles creates a feeling of chaos and anxiety
Do you want your room look wider? Paint can help you get it. To ward off the side walls visually just you have to paint a clear and bright color, like white. While the rest of walls can go in a slightly darker color. And if you want to strengthen this feeling test also paint white ceiling.

If you want to enjoy a healthier home , remember that exist in the market today ecological paints that do not contain toxic components, so they are better for health and incorporating natural pigments.

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